Remote Learners - Enroll Now for 2nd Semester

  • Are You Staying In Remote Learning Or Moving To In Person?

    Enroll Now For 2nd Semester- You Pick Remote Or In Person?

    Do you want your child to learn in person for second semester or do you want your child to remain in remote? Enrollment for second semester is now open. To help with staffing decisions we are asking all remote learners to commit to in person learning or remote learningfor second semester. Do you want stay with remote learning or would like to move your back to their school for the second semester? All remote learners MUST complete the registration form between October 13 and October 25, 2020.

    All Remote Learners Must Register
    All remote learners must complete the form by October 25 to pick if you want to stay enrolled in remote or move back to in person. Forms completed after October 25 will not be guaranteed their first choice.


    Registration Form Is In English

    If you need the registration form translated into a different language, please email

    What Do I Do If I Want To Stay In The Remote Learning Program?

    If your child is currently enrolled in remote and you want to stay in remote, we ask that you complete the form and select stay in remote learning. Staffing for the remote program is completely based on the number of students enrolled. Therefore, we need all remote learners to commit by October 25 to remote or in person for second semester. Having a commitment will help us staff to best meet the needs of ALL learners.

    What Do I Need To Know About COVID Cases In The School?

    Many families chose the Remote Learning Program in August because of the unknown of returning to school. There are still unknowns, however we have a full quarter of numbers to share. Each time there is a case in a school the parents in that school are notified. Since school began on August 11:

    • With over 11,500 students, there have been 47 positive student cases of COVID-19 in our schools.
    • Out of nearly 1800 staff there have been 26 positive cases.
    • The spread of cases in our schools has been very limited.
    • The majority of the positive cases had their exposure to COVID outside of school.
    • Health precautions put in place, like mandatory mask wearing, have minimized the number of students that need to be quarantined for a positive case.

    Expectations & Logistics For Remote Learning

    • Remote learning for the second semester will begin after winter break
    • Students MUST enroll for the entire semester. Once a student is enrolled they will NOT be able to return to in person learning.
    • Attendance will be taken and students will be expected to be online during their scheduled times. Students not attending will be considered truant from school and reported to the County Attorney.
    • Cameras will need to be turned on at all times.
    • Students are required to follow the code of conduct as if they are in school. This includes dress code and language.
    • There will be a break for lunch. The rest of the day students will need to be online or completing assignments.
    • Limited technology will be available for families, priority will be given to those with the greatest need.
    • Students enrolled in the remote program will NOT be allowed to participate in athletics or activities at the school.
    • Seniors who complete graduation requirements, will be allowed to participate in Graduation even if they are in the Remote Learning Program.
    • Students with IEPs and 504s will continue to receive services.
    • Students will be enrolled in the remote learning program at PLCS with students from throughout the District. Elementary students will not be assigned to their current school and therefore will not receive communication and update from their school.