Remote Learning Enrollment

  • Registration for the Remote Learning Program for 2nd Semester is Now Open!

    Enrollment for the PLCS Remote Learning Program for second semester opened on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. If your child is currently attending in person and you would like to move them to the Remote Learning Program for the second semester you MUST complete the registration form between October 13 and October 25, 2020. ONLY students registered by October 25 will be allowed to enter the Remote Learning Program for Second semester.


    Registration Form is in English
    If you need the registration form translated into a different language, please email

    Will Your Child Grow Academically As A Remote Learner?
    Over the course of this school year we have learned a lot about our students who are most successful in the Remote Learning Program. There are many reasons why parents choose to enroll their children into remote learning. As you begin to make that decision for your family, think about the type of learner your child is. If you choose the Remote Learning Program, we want your child to be successful. Students who are most successful in Remote Learning are:

    • Independent learners
    • Self starters
    • Willing to stay focused with limited adult redirection
    • Comfortable without a lot of socialization
    • Physically and mentally able to sit in front of a computer for the entire day.
    • Comfortable and independent with technology

    Think about the type of learner your child is….. Is remote learning the right choice for your child? Once they are enrolled they will not be able to return to in person for the remainder of the year.

    What Is Needed At Home For Remote Learning
    With the Remote Learning Program where teachers are not physically in the same room as the learner, it is critical to have a true partnership with the parents. As you determine if remote learning is right for your family think about these questions:

    • Is an adult home to be sure that the learner is getting on during their assigned class time?
    • Is someone in the house able to help troubleshoot with technology?
    • Is there an adult in the home that can help with behavior during online learning?
    • Does the child have a location in the home to join zoom meetings that is conducive to learning and allowing the child to hear the discussion?

    Expectations & Logistics

    • Remote learning for the second semester will begin after winter break
    • Students MUST enroll for the entire semester. Once a student is enrolled they will NOT be able to return to in person learning.
    • Attendance will be taken and students will be expected to be online during their scheduled times. Students not attending will be considered truant from school and reported to the County Attorney.
    • Cameras will need to be turned on at all times.
    • Students are required to follow the code of conduct as if they are in school. This includes dress code and language.
    • There will be a break for lunch. The rest of the day students will need to be online or completing assignments.
    • Limited technology will be available for families, priority will be given to those with the greatest need.
    • Students enrolled in the remote program will NOT be allowed to participate in athletics or activities at the school.
    • Seniors who complete graduation requirements, will be allowed to participate in Graduation even if they are in the Remote Learning Program.
    • Students with IEPs and 504s will continue to receive services.
    • Students will be enrolled in the remote learning program at PLCS with students from throughout the District. Elementary students will not be assigned to their current school and therefore will not receive communication and update from their school.

    Remote Learning Courses

    • Daily instruction will focus on reading, writing, math and social emotional learning.
    • Specials, science and social studies will be taught through independent student activities.

     Middle School

    • Core subjects will be taught at both 7th & 8th grade. This includes English Language Arts, math, science, and social studies.
    • Some elective courses will be offered.
    • Spanish is not offered in remote learning.
    • There will be no band or chorus.

    High School

    • General core classes will be offered (example: 9th English language arts, math, science, and social studies).
    • Only general level courses will be offered.
    • The focus of course offerings is to move each child closer to graduation.
    • No AP/Honors courses will be offered.
    • Pre-determined elective courses will be offered.
    • If you enroll in the remote program, you cannot participate in any of the academy programs.