High Ability Learners

  • What is Quiz Bowl?
    Quiz Bowl is a trivia game played on teams of one to four players. Players buzz in to answer tossup questions, and the team works together to answer bonus questions. Questions cover all academic areas, plus current events, pop culture, and sports. Some tournaments are very academic; others are entirely non-academic.  If you like Jeopardy! Or trivia games of any sort, you might enjoy Quiz Bowl.

    Who can play?
    The Quiz Bowl Club is open to all PLHS students. Everyone is welcome, regardless of skill-level or level of commitment. Some people just come to play with us occasionally; others want to represent PLHS at tournaments.

    What does the club do?


    First, we hold 45 minute practices once a week.   Practice helps us do well at tournaments, and it’s also a lot of fun. “Practice” is kind of a bad name; it’s fun even if you’re not practicing for a tournament. Our practices are very laid-back. Some people only answer one or two questions and that’s totally fine. People come because it’s fun and they learn cool, hip, interesting, and sometimes some crazy stuff!

    Throughout the year, we compete in tournaments with other Metro area schools. Tournaments are usually held on Saturdays so we plan accordingly and participate based everyone’s availability.  Tournaments are not required.