• GET INVOLVED with #pqmustangs

    There are so many ways that you can get involved to help our school.


    This years fundraising efforts are going into your students online learning "IXL"program, PQ Alumni Scholarship Fund, indoor/outdoor Kindergarten enrichment activities, & Staff/ Teacher grants. 

    We are accepting contributions through Paypal.me/PQMustangs or Venmo.com/PQMustangs or checks are always welcome!


    Thank you for choosing YUBBLER for your school supply needs!  We raised right around $100.


     Box Top     BOX TOPS are simple, easy, & hassle free!
    Open the box top app, scan your receipt, and the vendor will donate $0.10 per box top!
    Box Top Product List
    TAGG     TAGG is created to help raise funds for your organization, simply by scanning your receipt at the participating businesses.
    Omaha Participating Businesses
    Lincoln Participating Businesses
    YUBBLER     YUBBLER is an school supply company who receives our school district supply list and when you purchase youir supplies through them, they donate back to the school.  NO MARK UP, NO FEES, 95% of your classroom needed supplies are mailed to your door.  Your teacher may have a few other items to add!
    Communicate     Communicate with your neighbors about CNO, TAGG, or Box Tops.  SO SIMPLE!!
    Cook's Night Out     Attending a Cook's Night Out is 1 of th easiest things to do!  You go out to eat, then tell the server you are with Prairie Queen, & they will contribute up to 30% of your bill to the school.  NO MARK UP, NO CLEAN UP!!
        We love our volunteers and truly appreciate your help!  Check out the Prairie Queen FB page or click the link below to become active with your school!

    Do you want to become more involved? Visit our page to find out more.