2021-22 Return to School Plan

  • Overall Goals of the Return to School Plan

    • Provide students a quality education in person by a teacher.
    • Protect the physical and mental health of all students & staff.
    • Return to normal procedures, as much as possible.
    • Provide programs & interventions that address learning loss.

    COVID-19 Protocols

    • Masks are recommended for all schools.
    • Continue cleaning protocols:
      • Custodians will clean high touch areas.
      • Students/teachers clean desk tops (min. 2x/day).
      • Optional cleaning for students at anytime.
    • Continue routine hand washing & sanitizing
      • Hand sanitizer in every classroom.
      • Hand washing built into schedule.
    • Parents continue to utilize symptom checker and keep students home if they are sick
    • Students continue to bring water bottles
      • Water fountains not available only bottle fillers
    • Continue air quality standards.
    • No vendor food deliveries for students.
    • Outside food deliveries for staff need to be coordinated by that staff member.
    • Continuation of USDA Free Lunch Program for all students.

    Please note: PLCS will adjust protocols (including face covering requirements) as necessary to address changing conditions. During the 2021-2022 school year, protocols and requirements may change for a specific school building, program, classroom or setting based on number of positive cases, contact tracing, community test positivity rate, community conditions and risk of spread.

    Elementary Protocols

    • Student Arrival time - 7:50- 8:05 am
    • Dismissal time - 3:05-3:20 pm
      • Specific staggered start & stop times determined and shared by school
      • Supervision starts at 7:45 am.
    • Students enter designated doors and proceed directly to classroom.
    • Students will be allowed to work in small groups.
    • Lunch all students will social distance (3ft) both cafeteria & classrooms will be utilized.
      • Due to limited space, no visitors at lunch at this time.
    • Recommended 2 recess/day for max of 30 minutes.
    • Opportunities for adults to return to school while minimizing large group gatherings.
    • Parent events will open house and music programs will be allowed.

    Middle School & High School Protocols

    • School Day- 8:00-3:10 (MS) 8:00-3:20 (HS).
      • Late Start Wednesday 8:20 am.
    • Lunch seating and food options return to normal.
    • Lockers allowed.
    • Activities & athletics return to normal.

    Mental Health Support
    Understanding that this has been a challenging time for students, staff and families, PLCS will continue to focus on ways we can support everyone with their mental wellness. Some example include:

    • Continue use of student mental health screener.
    • Promotion of hotline for students & parents.
    • Promotion of Employee Assistance Program for staff.
    • Continuation of Social and Emotional Learning curriculum.
    • Counselors and social workers available as a resource for all.