High School Learning Plan - Phase 2

  • As PLCS moves to Phase 2 of the Remote Teaching and Learning Plan, this document was prepared as a quick glance for students & parents.  The focus of the new plan is a continuation of learning by exposing students to key concepts in the various academic areas. This is a challenging time for everyone. PLCS is committed to not overwhelming our students, families or staff.  We have worked hard to develop a plan that we believe moves students to where they need to be for next year by focusing on key concepts.

    It is important for the sake of all students that they remain engaged in learning opportunities for the next 6 weeks.  We will start this plan on April 13 and school will conclude on May 22.  This is 6 weeks for students to be engage in learning.  We have designed this plan with every effort to keep students and parents from being overwhelmed.  We have selected priority areas that we believe are critical for learning at each level.  We are asking for students to give us six weeks of engagement with minimal hours dedicated each week.  We have established a district-wide schedule so students are not expected to be engaged in multiple classes at one time.


    • Protect the health and safety of students, staff and community by taking all learning for 2019-20 school year to a virtual or paper pencil with no direct contact with students.
    • Maintain a sense of balance and minimize the sense of being overwhelmed for our students, staff and families.
    • Expose elementary students to new learning of key concepts in reading, writing and math to build a foundation of learning for the 2020-2021 year.
    • Provide optional enrichment activities for elementary students in other curriculum areas.
    • Expose middle school students to new learning of key concepts in core areas and Spanish to build a foundation of learning for the 2020-2021 year.
    • Provides middle school students optional enrichment activities for elective areas.
    • Expose high school students to new learning of key concepts in core areas and World Language.
    • Allows high school students to complete elective credits by finishing out the course work through simplified assignments or projects.

    What are the Logistics of the Learning Plan?

    • Plan begins April 13.
    • Curriculum focus: Core academic areas (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) & World Language.
    • On Monday of each week, students will receive the assignments for the week and a link to all prerecorded lessons for the core academic areas and World Language. This will provide a week at a glance.
      • Prerecorded instruction will be limited to once a week for core areas and World Language and will be no longer than a total of 40-50 minutes each.
      • Total maximum time online each week for each student is 4 hours (5 with World Language).
      • Students can watch lessons or do assignments as it fits in their schedule.
    • Core and World Language teachers will also provide students with a weekly, optional designated 30-60 minute live office hour session for students to interact with the teacher. During this time students can ask questions over the recorded lesson or assignments.
      • Office hours for all teachers will not overlap and will be spread out over four days to limit the amount of time in any one given day students need to be online.
    • During Phase 2 of the Learning Plan students will continue to demonstrate learning through graded assignments. This will be a no harm approach.
    • In addition to the lessons from the classroom teachers, the elective classes will be giving students assignments or projects. Students will be able to do these assignments independently so they can still obtain credit for these elective classes.
      • Elective teachers will be responsive to students and available for questions.

    What does communication look like at this time?
    In an effort to streamline the volume of communication that parents, staff and students receive during this virtual time, a communication schedule has been developed:

    • Sunday: District-wide Communication Only – Communication Update
    • Monday: School-wide Communication Only – School Newsletters
      • Some teachers may send the week at a glance on Monday morning
    • Tuesday-Thursday: – Teacher Initiated Communication with students & parents during their designated time only (see building schedule).
    • Friday: Teacher Communication Only – Teachers provide a week a glance for upcoming week