Return to School Plan FAQ

  • PLCS has been working to answer your questions about the Return to School Plan. Below are the answers to many of the questions we have been receiving. 

    A Q&A Facebook Live was held Tuesday, July 28th at 6 p.m. Click to watch the replay of the event.  If you have additional questions, please email  

    Remote Learning Questions
    Q: Is a remote learning option available for all students?
    A: Yes. At the July 27, 2020 Board Meeting the PLCS Board of Education voted to offer parents a choice on the return to school plan. All families can choose if they want their child to attend school in person or enroll in the remote learning program. Below are more details specific to the newly added remote program. Families will need to enroll students by Friday, July 31, 2020 if they would like to participate in the remote learning program.

    Click here if you need additional information about in person return to school plan.

    Q: How can I enroll in the remote option?

    A: Click here to Complete the Remote Learning Program Enrollment Form.

    The registration needs to be completed by Friday, July 31, 2020.

    Q: If my child participates in the remote learning program can they still do sports and activities at the school?
    A: No.  Students enrolled in the remote program will NOT be allowed to participate in athletics or activities at the school. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    Miscellaneous Questions
    Q: Who were the action teams and focus groups involved in putting this plan together? 
    A: The action teams that developed the plans included educators and employees from all levels, elementary, middle school and high school.  Once a draft of the plan was completed it was reviewed and feedback was given by 7 different groups.  A group of parents which included representatives from all schools. A group of elementary, middle school and high school teachers from throughout the district. A group of principals. A group of employees from throughout the district that were not teachers or certified staff and a group of central office employees.  The plans were then adjusted and finalized based on that feedback.

    Q: Is this delay in announcing the plans an attempt to receive funding for children who will ultimately be pulled for homeschooling?
    A: State Aid numbers are based on enrollment on the last day in September as long as you have your child homeschool enrolled by the last friday in September you can be assured we will not receive state aid for your child. 

    Q: How is drop off/pick up going to work with having to stay in your car? Will there be an exception for students who have an IEP? Or for students who are still sitting in car seats?
    A: Each school is developing a plan for what the specific look like in their school. We will assure you that we will have adult staff available to make sure the drop off and pick is safe and efficient. 

    Q: When will we hear which wave our kids are in for arrival and dismissal?
    A: Each school is developing a plan.  Those plans will be shared with families directly from the school by the first week in August.

    Q: Will we be able to pick siblings up at the same time?
    A: Yes. Principals will work with families when developing the pick up and drop off schedules.  Please wait for the schedule to be released by your child’s school and then if you have any questions, you can direct them to your Principal.

    Q: What is the plan for students with special needs?
    A: Students with special needs will receive services just like they always have.  The IEP will outline their services. 

    Q: What is the plan for pre-school?
    A: A detailed preschool plan will be shared early next week.  That plan will be sent directly to all preschool families. 

    Q: What will the rules be if someone in the class tests positive? 
    A: We will work directly with the health department to determine next steps and what the level of exposure was.  We can assure families that if there is a positive case and there is risk to any student or staff member, we will contact those families immediately. 

    Q: The school supply lists are for shared supplies, will new lists be given out?
    A:  The school supply lists will remain the same but students will keep their supplies.  They will not be shared. 

    Q: When will we know the backup plans and what requirements need to be met to move between the plans?
    A:  There are two different back up plans.  There is a plan for if we have to go to 50% capacity which would like similar to some students come on A days and some students come on B days.  There is also a plan for if we have to close school and go to fully remote learning.  We will work closely with the health department to determine if one of the other plans will need to activated.  We may be forced to activate one of the back up plans if the Governor implements a DHM (Directed Health Measure).  That limits the number of students allowed in a school building. 

    Mask & PPE Questions
    Q: Will the referenced mask breaks for elementary kids be outdoors while social distancing?
    A: Outdoor recess will be one of the times for mask breaks and yes the students will be social distanced during the break times. 

    Q: If parents refuse to answer the health screening will their children be refused entry in school?
    A: No.  But we hope that parents will take the safety of all children and staff seriously and will follow the directions of the health screening.  Please be responsible and don’t send your children to school if they are sick or show any symptoms of being sick, traveled outside of the country or have been exposed to COVID-19. You may not be concerned about your family but when you send your children to school you impact many other families.  Please be responsible and most importantly KIND to others. 

    Q: With this new policy for required masks for high school students - what is the punishment if a child refuses to wear a mask in high school?
    A: We expect students to follow school rules and we hope parents reinforce these rules.  Violation of school rules (particularly, a repeated violation) can result in disciplinary action including  a short or long term suspension or expulsion until the child can follow the rules. 

    Q: If a child refuses to wear a mask, wears an improper mask, or wears a mask improperly, will they be removed from the learning environment and isolated until a parent can pick them up?
    A:We will be doing a lot of training with staff and families on masks.  Wearing masks is a school rule and we will expect students to follow all school rules.  We hope parents reinforce the importance of following school rules.  Violation of school rules can result in disciplinary action including  a short or long term suspension or expulsion until the child can follow the rules. 

    Q: Are there mask exemptions?
    A: Yes.  If students have a medical reason and should not wear a mask or if they have a disability and are not able to wear a mask, accommodations will be made. 

    Q: Are masks being supplied to students?
    A: Yes.  Students can wear their own mask or a reusable mask will be provided to students.

    Q: If masks aren’t unhealthy, why are you having mask breaks? What is the purpose of the mask breaks?
    A:  Wearing a mask all day is a challenge and gets exhausting.  We worked mask breaks into the schedule in an effort to encourage students to keep them on properly. 

    Screening Questions
    Q: I have a question about the symptom side of opening school. Will there be a change to the truancy policy? If we have a child that has appointments and then has to stay home for possible symptoms some kids may miss a lot.
    A: Yes we will be giving lots of understanding about school absences.  We want students to stay home if there are any symptoms.  This is a different time.  Therefore, we will be very understanding about the number of absences.  We want students in school but we want students and staff healthy.  Please stay home if there are symptoms.