• Summer PE 2024

    Thursday, May 30th   – Friday, June 14th 

    Monday-Friday: Noon to 3:00 P.M.


    Intro to PE & Health


    Indoor/Outdoor PE



    March 25th - April 12th


    Registration Link




    • The summer school PE program is provided at no cost to students.

    • Summer PE is Pass/Fail and is for credit only

    • Students MUST attend all 12 days, 3 hours per day for a total of 36 hours to receive credit.

    • If a student has 1 absence, they will be dropped without credit. (There are no excused absences for any reason.) 

    • Current 9th, 10th, & 11th grade students registered for 2023-2024 school year are allowed to register for summer school PE.

    • Summer PE is a single class consisting of students enrolled in either Intro to PE and Health or Indoor/Outdoor PE and will be capped at 30 students.

    • Preference will be given to those seniors who need a PE credit for graduation, have not taken Intro to PE and Health, and not taken summer school PE in the past.

    • Students may only take summer PE twice--once for Indoor/Outdoor and once for Intro to PE/Health.

    • Students accepted and enrolled for Summer Intro to PE and Health will be required to complete an online health component in addition to the 36 hours of class time over the 12-day period for the dates listed above.

    • Tardies will not be tolerated and time will be made up after school and may also result in being dropped from the course.

    • Transportation will NOT be provided.

    • Students accepted and enrolled will be required to sign an Attendance and Behavior contract the first day of class

    • A required informational meeting will be held in April or May for those whose registrations have been accepted. Failure to attend this informational meeting or make alternate arrangements may result in your spot being given to a student on the waiting list.