Boundary Proposal

  • The Papillion La Vista Board of Education is considering adjusting boundaries in four different places.  The goals of the proposed changes include:

    • Provide a great education for all students
    • Manage the high growth areas
    • Balance enrollment in mature neighborhoods
    • Keep neighborhoods together feeding their neighborhood school
    • Provide relief to high enrollment schools

    There are four proposals currently being considered.  Each of the proposals are designed to meet some or all of the targeted goals. Currently, PLCS is in the process of meeting with parents directly impacted in each of the proposals.  The goal of these meetings is to collect feedback and suggestion from those directly impacted. Once all of the meetings are completed, the Board will review the data collected and make a decision on the next steps. That first discussion will occur at the Board of Education meeting on October 28 at 6:00 pm in the Central Office.   No action will be taken at that meeting.  If the Board decides to proceed with action a vote may be taken at the November 11 meeting.

    A description of each proposal and the initial data collected is found on the left. The four proposals include:
    New Elementary – Set boundaries for the new elementary located off 120th and Schram.  This school is projected to open in the fall of 2020.

    Prairie Queen ReliefProvide relief to Prairie Queen Elementary by moving students that live in Andover Point, Harrison Hills Apartments and Portal Ridge back to Portal Elementary School.  

    Bell Elementary Relief Provide relief to Bell Elementary by moving students that live in Glenwood Hills to Walnut Creek Elementary.

    Hickory Hill – Rumsey Station – Adjust the boundaries between Hickory Hill and Rumsey Station by moving Eagle Crest from Hickory Hill to Rumsey Station.