Papillion La Vista Community Schools ACT Prep Course 

  • Are you looking for that last minute push to improve your ACT score? Are you taking the ACT for the first time & want to know how to prepare?

    Look NO MORE! Register Today for the PLCS ACT Prep Course

    Papillion La Vista Community Schools is offering an ACT Prep Course! Tailored to meet the individual needs of each student, students can choose to attend a session every week or just a few. Research shows that preparation is a key to test taking. Students taking a test preparation course are better prepared for the ACT than those who have done no preparation. This new PLCS ACT Prep Course is taught by PLCS teachers with expertise in each of the subject areas.

    Why should I take the PLCS ACT Prep Course?  In the Fall of 2021-22, 93% of students who took the PLCS ACT Prep Course raised their score in at least one area.

    This year we are also offering two courses: ACT Prep Level 1 and ACT Prep Level 2.  

    • ACT Prep Level 1: Suggested for any student who has not previously taken the ACT OR has scored a 26 or lower on the ACT.

    • ACT Prep Level 2: Recommended for any student who has taken the ACT Prep Level 1 course OR scored a 27 or higher on the ACT.  This course assumes students are proficient in time management and the basic content knowledge necessary for that subject area. 

    Spring 2024 Registration Link:

    When a student registers, they can attend sessions at either school based on their individual needs. Students pick ONE session each Saturday to attend.

    Session 1: Saturday, February 17th (8:30-11:30)

    • Level 1 English at PLHS
    • Level 2 Math at PLHS
    • Level 1 Reading at PLSHS
    • Level 1 Science at PLSHS

    Session 2: Saturday, February 24th (8:30-11:30)

    • Level 1 English at PLHS
    • Level 1 Math at PLHS
    • Level 1 Science at PLHS
    • Level 2 Reading at PLSHS

    Session 3: Saturday, March 2nd (8:30-11:30)

    • Level 1 Math at PLHS
    • Level 1 Science at PLHS
    • Level 1 English PLSHS
    • Level 1 Reading at PLSHS
    • Level 2 Science at PLSHS

    Session 4: Saturday, March 23rd (8:30-11:30)

    • Level 1 Math at PLHS
    • Level 2 English at PLSHS
    • Level 1 Reading at PLSHS

    What does each session include? 

    • 1 hour of content review 
    • 30-45 minutes of test prep tips 
    • A practice ACT (an actual retired test) 
    • Review of results on practice test 

    Cost of Each Prep Session: $40 to be paid in school guidance office BEFORE attending

    If you are a student who qualifies for free/reduced lunch, please contact Vickie Bradley (PLHS) or Renee Mead (PLSHS) for more information regarding the fees for the course.

    Click here to pay for your courses online!

    Online Payment Option  

    PLCS Payments Now Have an Online Option! No More Writing Checks... Unless You Choose to Do So!

    You can pay your for the ACT Prep Class online and eliminate the hassle of writing checks. This online payment system is the same as the school lunch system.

    Paying for the ACT Prep Class Online is as Easy As 1, 2, 3…

    1. Sign in or Create an account:

    • Access the store via the “School Lunch/Fees” button in the District app, or click here.
    • If you previously created an account to pay for school lunches, you do not need to create a new account! Your current lunch account will get you into the school store.
    • If you do not have an account, Click here to create one, you will need to know your student’s ID. If you do not know your student’s ID, you can find it in the parent app (while logged in) or on the parent portal.

    2. Select “Store”

    • Click the three lines in upper left corner

    3. Select the ACT Prep Session.

    • Be sure to select the ACT Prep Course. The icon should look like the one shown above.
    • If you pick multiple session enter the number of sessions you want to attend under quantity. EACH SESSION is $40.