College Jump Start

  • What is the College Jump Start program?High school student working on a worksheet in the classroom
    Through a partnership with Metropolitan Community College (MCC), the College Jump Start program provides an opportunity for PLCS high school students to begin their college experience on a college campus while still in high school. 

    What options does the College Jump Start program offer?
    College Jump Start offers two tracks, Senior Transition program and Information Technology program.

    Where are the classes located?
    Courses for both tracks of the program are held at the MCC Sarpy Center. 

    Who will be teaching?
    College Jump Start courses are taught by certified MCC teachers.

    Will I earn high school and college credit?
    Yes.  Students enrolled in the College Jump Start program benefit from earning college credit while also earning high school elective credits.

    How much do they cost?
    Through the College Jump Start program, students benefit from a significant discounted cost on college tuition.  Estimated cost per credit hour is $29.50*.  Students will take 9 credit hours per quarter for a cost of $265.50 per quarter.  *Tuition rates are subject to change without prior notice.

    Who should apply?
    Any student interested in getting a jump-start on their college education.