Safety & Security Update

  • Mr. Paul Bohn, Director of Student Services presented an overview to the Board of the safety and security measures currently in place in PLCS. With recent tragedy in Florida, school safety and security are on the forefront of everyone’s mind.  Below is a copy of the complete presentation.
    A few high lights include:

    Physical Structure of Schools:

    • All doors in ALL schools are locked. Visitors cannot enter the school unless they are buzzed in by a school employee.
    • The majority of our schools also have locked doors from the hallway into the classrooms so prior to getting into the classroom there is another locked door. We do have 4 schools that still have open classrooms with no doors. If the proposed bond issue passes this will be fixed and all schools will have locked doors between the hallway and classroom.
    • Radios – every school is equipped with radios to allow internal communication and direct access to Sarpy 911.
    • SRO – We have full time School Resource Officers in all of our middle schools and high schools. The SRO is a uniformed armed law enforcement officer from Papillion Police or La Vista Police.

    Safety Procedures & Drills

    • Audits of safety procedures are conducted annually by law enforcement. The audit report is given to the central office and necessary changes are made.
    • All law enforcement agencies and school districts in Sarpy County operate under the same Standard Response Protocol (SRP). This protocol was established collaboratively then practiced through a mass school shooting drill that included all school districts, law enforcement and fire. Sarpy County is leading the way in being proactive with the SRP.
    • Table top exercises and/or procedural reviews are conducted annually with all administrators and staff.
    • Lockdown & lockout drills are practiced each semester in every school.

    Proactive Steps

    • Relationship Building – We know that one of the best preventative methods to school violence is relationships between adults and students. At PLCS we focus on adults building relationships with each child.  There are numerous ways we do this.  One example would be advisories at our secondary level.  Advisory is designed so a small group of students have an opportunity to build a relationship with an adult at the school.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.