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  • March 4th through March 8th

    • Spring Break: School will be closed from March 11th through March 15th for Spring Break.
    • End of 3rd Quarter: March 8th will be the end of the 3rd quarter. Students have running grades for quarters 3 and 4, therefore, grades do not reset at quarter. Please encourage your students to stay on top of their homework assignments and studying throughout the end of the school year.
    • Parent Teacher Conferences: Thank you to everyone who stopped by on Wednesday night or sent us emails checking in on your student. If you have any questions, email is always the best way to get a hold of us.
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      Jeani Guenther

     Explanatory essay   Explanatory essay   Explanatory essay   Explanatory essay   Explanatory essay 

    MATH 7
      Rich Daly

     Probability  Probability  Probability  Test Part 1  Test Part 2

      Rich Daly

     Congruent Figures  Translations  Translations  Reflections  Quiz

      Andrew Loch

    Midterm Midterm

    Section 7.1: Adding and Subtracting Monomials


    -Assignment: Pages 362-363: #’s 5 – 20, 23 - 40

    Section 7.2: Multiplying Polynomials


    -Assignment: Journal Pages 209-213

    Section 7.2: Multiplying Polynomials


    -Assignment: Page 369: #’s 3 – 24, 31, 32, 35 - 40

      Lindsey Goodman

    Tripartite Government

    US and Rome government

    HW: Section Preview 10.3

    Growth of trade and Punic Wars

    HW: Study for Quiz

    Crisis in the Republic

    HW: Study for Quiz

    Chapter 10 quiz

    8th grade trip discussion

      Kara Martin

    digestive system activity digestive system notes digestive system graphic organizer digestive system review digestive system essay

      Jennifer Smith

     Skills test  Project due/present projects  present projects  watch The Outsiders  watch The Outsiders