Paraprofessional Summary of Benefits

  • To include Classroom and Special Education Paraprofessionals, Food Service Worker I,
    Media Paraprofessionals and Van Riders.

  • Hours of Work
    Paraprofessional (includes Food Service Worker I) staff work part time hours generally between two and six hours per day. Paraprofessional staff work only on days that school is in session with the exception of mandatory in-services. Uninterrupted lunch breaks, without pay, of 30 minutes will be scheduled when applicable. Paraprofessional’s work schedule will be determined at the building level with the building administrator.

    Accumulated Leave
    Accumulated (sick & personal leave) will consist of one day for each month of service for a total of 10 accrued days per calendar year. A request may be submitted to the building principal for approval of up to two of those days as personal leave days for special obligations or emergencies. If you do not use your personal days they will roll over into your sick leave bank.  Upon termination of employment, employees who have five consecutive years of service with the district will be paid 50% of their accumulated leave days based upon their rate of pay at the time.

    All paraprofessional staff must complete Level I district training. Additional training may be provided at the building/district levels.

    2018 - 2019 Starting Wages
    Regular Education Paraprofessional - $12.53
    (Classroom, Food Service worker I, Media, Crossing Guard)

    Special Education Paraprofessionals - $12.93
    (Special Education, Title I, ELL, ISS, Health Para with a full-time nurse)

    Health paraprofessional - $13.33
    (Health Paraprofessionals without a full-time nurse)

    A 2% salary increase is given to paraprofessional staff after 5 years of consecutive service.  A 3% salary increase is given to paraprofessional staff after 10 and 15 years of consecutive service to the district. A 4% salary increase is given to paraprofessional staff after 20 years of consecutive service to the district.

    By Nebraska State Law, any employee working for the school district at minimum of 20 hours or more per week must join the Nebraska Public Schools Retirement System. The employee contribution rate is 9.78% of your gross salary and this amount will be deducted from your monthly paycheck. The Papillion La Vista School District is required to contribute a 101% “match”, making our contribution rate 9.8778 % of your gross salary. You will be fully vested after 5 years of employment with PLC Schools.

    Health Insurance
    Classified employees who work a minimum of 17.5 hours per week to a maximum of 30 hours per week and are not covered by the clerical, custodial or maintenance negotiated agreements, may participate in the district health insurance program.  The health insurance carrier for 2018-19 is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska. The employee pays 100% of the health premium.

    Two health insurance plans are available.  The first choice is a traditional insurance plan with $900 Deductible, which includes office co-pays and co-insurance.  The second choice is a $3,500 High Deductible, Health Savings Account-Eligible Plan (HDHP).  Employees enrolling in either plan must enroll in the SINGLE dental plan.  There is an enrollment election period each December, with an effective date of January 1 for employees wanting to switch between the $900 Deductible and the $3,500 Deductible plans.

    If an employee elects to participate in a Health Insurance Plan, coverage begins the first day of the month following your first work day, e.g. if your start date is August 13th your insurance begins September 1st.   The tables below summarize the schedule of benefits for both policies and provide the premium cost for each. These rates are based on 10 month pay period.

    $900 Deductible - Monthly Health and Dental Premium Cost
    Employee Only - $800.40
    Employee & Children - $1,480.71
    Employee & Spouse - $1,686.79
    Employee, Spouse & Children - $2,256.94

    $3500 Deductible HDHP HSA - Monthly Health and Dental Premium Cost
    Employee Only - $680.68
    Employee & Children - $1,259.27
    Employee & Spouse - $1,429.42
    Employee, Spouse & Children - $1,919.40


    Paraprofessional Calendar
    Listed below are the customary Non-Duty days and break periods for the 2018-19 school year.

    Summer Break – May 26, 2018 thru August 14, 2018 (excluding August 10th Welcome Back)
    Winter Break – December 22, 2018 thru January 6, 2019
    Spring Break – March 11, 2019 thru March 15, 2019

    Non-Duty Days -
    September 3rd and 14th 2018
    October 8th and 26th 2018
    November 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2018
    January 7th and 21st 2019
    February 18th 2019
    April 19th and 22nd 2019

    For a full copy of the calendar please click here.

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