Proposed High School Boundary Change

  • On January 9th, the PLCS Board of Education reviewed a proposal to change high school boundaries.  This proposal would change the high school boundary from Cornhusker Road South to Lincoln Road for everything west of 96th Street.  This area includes the remainder of the North Shore area, Granite Falls North, Granite Lake and the open land currently not developed.

    The goals of the proposed change include:

    • Enrollment balance between high schools
    • Strategically grow both high schools
    • Move growth areas to Monarch
    • Minimize the disruption to current families
    • Maintain program equity between schools

    Below is a complete Q & A explaining the proposed change.

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  • Questions & Answers

    What is the high school boundary proposal?
    The proposal is to move the high school boundary from Cornhusker Road south to Lincoln Road for everything west of 96th Street.  The change does not impact land east of 96th Street.  This would include the remainder of the North Shore area, Granite Falls North and Granite Lake, as well as the open land currently not developed. 

    Why is a HS boundary change being proposed?
    The current growth projections for the next 10 years indicate the enrollment between the two high schools will become increasingly out of balance and will create an estimated difference of 400 + students. The majority of the growth is in the Papillion-La Vista South (PLSHS) attendance area so moving projected growth areas to Papillion-La Vista High School (PLHS) allows the enrollment to remain closely balanced between the two schools.

    Why was this area selected?
    The area being proposed to change is the most northern area of the district that is currently projected to develop and grow.  The preference is to move new areas that were planned for growth, not areas that were already established. The majority of the areas impacted by the change do not currently have homes built yet.  The North Shore development is the only portion of the proposed change that is currently established and a portion of the North Shore development (61 lots north of Cornhusker) is already in the PLHS attendance area.  The current proposal is to move the entire North Shore development to PLHS.  However, to be considerate of families who have purchased a home thinking they are going to PLSHS, everyone currently living in North Shore or owning a lot would be allowed to choose which high school they want to attend. 

    It is also important to note, that when changing high school boundaries the forward attendance path of the student, including their elementary school and middle school, is an important consideration. In PLCS, Liberty Middle School and Prairie Queen are the two schools that are already divided between high schools. Therefore, changing high schools for THIS area does not impact students’ elementary or middle school.

    How many homes in North Shore are impacted?
    There is a total of 361 lots in North Shore.  61 Lots are already going to PLHS. 182 lots are currently owned by patrons, one lot is owned by the school district, and 117 lots are left to be sold.  Everyone currently living in North Shore or owns a lot will be allowed to stay at PLSHS if they choose.  New families, that purchase the 117 unsold lots and the 61 lots already assigned to PLHS, will go to PLHS.  

    Are there any exceptions to this change?
    (UPDATED Answer from previous Q & A)
    Based on feedback from those impacted, the new proposal includes a Boundary Transition Exception (BTE) recommendation for all FAMILIES (siblings and unborn children included) that currently live in North Shore or have purchased a lot in North Shore. It is recommended that these families will have a BTE and will be allowed to choose which high school they would like to attend.  Therefore, anyone who lives or has purchased a lot/home in North Shore under the current boundary guidelines is allowed a choice of which high school they want to attend.

    Would transportation be provided for these students to PLHS?
    All students living more than 4 miles from their school are entitled to receive transportation.  The North Shore development would be over 4 miles.   Transportation was already planned for this area for the 61 North Shore lots north of Cornhusker that are currently in the PLHS attendance area.

    Why would boundaries change now if a third high school is being built?
    Currently, enrollment projections would show that the high school enrollment will reach 4,117 within the next 10 years. This would not be enough students for 3 large Class A high schools.  The goal with the boundary change is to balance the enrollment between the two high schools so a third high school is not needed for 10 or more years. 

    What is the timeline to implement the proposed change?
    The first presentation of the proposal was presented to the Board of Education on January 9th.  A public meeting is planned for January 19 at 7:00 p.m. at Prairie Queen Elementary. All District patrons are invited to attend the meeting and share their feedback. The Board will then discuss the feedback collected from the community at their January 23 Board meeting.  If they decide to proceed, action would not be taken on the proposed change until the February 13 Board of Education meeting at the earliest.