PQ Rocks!

  • Lego Squad members hold up PQ Rocks they plan to distribute.  

    Prairie Queen Elementary School students are giving back this school year through their Mustang Squads, where they are learning the meaning of community and how to make a difference.

    The Lego Squad chose to do a community art project where people can find and give happiness with rocks. Our squad members are finding and painting rocks with something that inspires or makes someone else smile, then they are placing them throughout the community.

    Our hope is when someone finds one of our rocks, they will use the hashtag #PQRocks2017 to share a photo of it on social media. We will share some of these on the Prairie Queen Facebook page. (You will be able to find these photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.)

    We want others to participate with us. Our hope is the PQ Rocks project will help create a stronger sense of community in Papillion-La Vista. Please join us in our project. It will be fun to see where our painted rocks will go and who they will encourage, inspire or make smile.

    If you choose to participate, here's what to do...

    • Get a rock (one with smooth surfaces will work best).
    • Paint it with a paint that can withstand weather.
    • Write "www.plcschools.org/pqrocks" on the back so whoever finds it will look up this page.
    • If there's space, put the "#PQRocks2017" hashtag on your rock.
    • Hide the rock where they can be found in the community. (Please don't put inside businesses or mailboxes.)

    If you find a rock, here's what to do...

    • Take a picture of the rock and post it on social media (make the post public if you want us to see it).
    • Be sure to use the hashtag #PQRocks2017 somewhere in the post. For example, you could post "Check out this rock I found outside Prairie Queen Elementary! #PQRocks2017 #BeKnownForGreatness" alogn with a photo of the rock.
    • If you keep the rock, replace it one you have painted.
    • Pass along the rock to someone else by leaving it in a new location.