Monday, April 15th


    Game Club today in the FCS room from 3:10-4pm! Only one left after today: May 6th is the last Game Club! 


    Important Library Dates:

    Last Check Out Date: May 7th 

    Books Due: May 14th 


    Math club will meet on Thursday, April 18th  in Mr. Horstman's room.


    LEO Club is having a sock drive from April 8-26 for Lift Up Sarpy County. The Eagles Nest from each grade that donates the most new socks will win donuts. 


    Clubs that have ended and have final date set:                          

    Circle of Friends - 4/30

    Competition Engineering: Over

    Game Club - 5 / 6

    Intramurals - Over

    Jazz Band 1:  Over

    Jazz Band 2:  last day 5/8

    Ping-Pong:  last day 5/3

    Robotics Club - Over

    Science -Over

    Show Choir - Over

    Student Council - 4/23

    Walking Club - 4/24

    Weight Lifting - Over

    Yearbook - Over


    NJHS will be collecting Pop Tabs throughout the second semester.  There will be blue buckets, that are labeled, located in the commons and outside student services.  The buckets in the commons will be outside the front office and on a table by the stage.  All the tabs will be donated to the Shriners at the end of the semester. 


    Each week of school, we will be reviewing different SOAR expectations.  This week our SOAR focus is on…Sports/Activities

    Common Areas

    Safety First

    Own your Actions

    Respectful to all



    • Keep hands and feet to self

    • Walk

    • Use materials appropriately

    • Report unsafe behavior

    • Use time wisely

    • Bring necessary materials

    • Keep the school clean

    • Follow staff directions

    • Use kind words and actions towards others

    • Use appropriate voice and language


    • Wash hands 

    • Use passing periods or lunch time

    • Respect others privacy



    • Keep locker combination to yourself

    • Move quickly and get to class on time

    • Respect others personal space and belongings


    • Stay seated and keep all four legs of your chair on the floor

    • 8 people per table

    • Put trays and utensils away appropriately

    • Make responsible choices (i.e food, money, sharing food)

    • Pick up after yourself (including stacking chairs)

    • Push in your chair 

    • Be polite and use your manners

    • Work together to keep area clean

    • Be inclusive and welcoming to other students

    Locker Room

    • See school-wide expectations

    • Keep belongings locked in locker

    • Respect others privacy and belongings


    • Report directly to the gym

    • Sit on your assigned side of the gym

    • Stay seated until dismissal

    • Keep belongings with you

    • Pick up all trash 

    • Respect personal space and belongings

    Technology/Media Center

    • Keep private information private

    • View only appropriate websites

    • Keep track of your device and charger

    • Return equipment/books on time

    • Have device ready for learning 

    • Keep case on

    • Follow copyright rules

    • Use kind words and actions towards others on social media

    • Keep personal devices silenced during school


    Lost and Found is located outside of Student Services.  Any items left at 

    the end of the month will be donated to the PLCS COMMUNITY CLOSET


    LMS Clubs/Activities:  All are subject to change depending on participation

    ART CLUB:  1st Thursday of the month 7:30-8:00 Art room (504)

    CIRCLE OF FRIENDS:  Tues. during Lunch (Library) (last day 4/30)                                       

    COMPETITION ENG. CLUB:  Done for the year

    DRAMA CLUB:  every 3rd Wed. of mo.  3:15-4:00 (room 403)

    GAME CLUB: 1st & 3rd Mon. 3:10-4:00 (room 113)  last day 5/6

    INTRAMURALSDone for the year

    JAZZ BAND:  done for the year

    JAZZ BAND 2: Wed. 7:15-8:00 (room 402) last day 5/8

    LEO CLUB: 1st Thurs. Of the month. 7:30-8:00 (room 312)

    LUNCH BUNCH BOOK CLUB: 2nd Thurs. of mo. lunch period (library)

    MATH CLUB:  1st & 3rd Thurs. Of mo.  7:30-8:00 (room 507)

    NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY:  3rd Fri. of mo. 7:40 (room 514)

    PING-PONG CLUB:  Fridays 7:30-8:00 (aux gym)

    ROBOTICS CLUB:  Done for the year

    SCIENCE CLUB:  Done for the year


    STUDENT COUNCIL:  Tuesdays 7:40-8:00 (room 306) last day 4/23

    UNIFIED SPORTS CLUB:  Mondays 7:30-8:00  auxiliary gym

    WALKING CLUB:  W-TH 3:20-4:20  (meet in room 427) last day 4/24

    WEIGHT-LIFTING CLUB:  done for the year

    YEARBOOK CLUB:  done for the year