High School Visioning

  • What is High School Visioning?
    Over the past year and half, a team of over 80 internal and external stakeholders have been engaged in a high school visioning process.  The goal of the process was to develop a plan for what high school education should look like in PLCS.  This plan includes future programs as well as how to accommodate a growing number of high school students. The results of this process have evolved into what is now called the 10-year plan.  Though it is important to note that the term 10 year is not set, it may be 8 years or it may be 13 depending on how fast the district grows and what happens educationally.  The true focus of the plan is on the educational programs needed to prepare ALL students in the best possible way for their future.  Along with the program is a plan for future facilities and how PLCS is going to handle the future growth.

    For a complete overview of the plan please click here.

    What’s next?
    Currently PLCS and the Board of Education are in the process of collecting feedback from the community on the 10 year plan.  We need to know if the community will support the plan and what collectively are viewed as the overall strengths and concerns.  Throughout the month of April a variety of community presentations are scheduled.  The community is invited to participate in one of the feedback opportunities or take a few minutes right now and provide your feedback online. Click here for the feeback form.

Group working on High School Visioning