Strategic Planning... The Pathway to Greatness and Beyond

  • In February of 2020, just prior to COVID-19 hitting, PLCS engaged in a new strategic planning process.  The Board of Education contracted with Cambridge Strategic Services to help facilitate the planning process for PLCS.  Nearly 30 staff, community leaders, parents and students came together for a three-day planning session to discuss the future direction of PLCS. 

    Then COVID-19 hit and the strategic plan efforts turned to a focus on managing operations and keeping school open and running during a pandemic. Fortunately, the strategies developed during the strategic planning session helped provide priorities for this very challenging time. As PLCS returns to normal, the original planning team will be able to reconvene and dig deeper into the action steps and progress made on each strategy.  This strategic plan will help set the pathway to Greatness & Beyond for the students and staff in PLCS.

    Strategic Planning Steps - Stops along the Pathway

    • Board and Central Office Commitment - Fall of 2019
      • Confirms commitment & readiness for the planning process.
    • Prepares for Planning - December 2019
      • Collects feedback from stakeholders and announces the process.
    • Planning Team - February 2020
      • Determines strategies for the plan.
    • Action Teams - 2021
      • Determines action steps to meet each strategy.
      • Began implementation as necessary while operating under a global pandemic.
    • Planning Team Confirmation - March 2022
      • Review action steps to meet each strategy.
      • Confirms the forward progress of the plan and provides guidance.  
    • Implementation of Plan - 2021 & 2022
    • Progress Report - ongoing
Strategic Planning Pathway
  • Planning Team Rewrites Mission & Beliefs and Develops Strategies

    In February of 2020, PLCS strategic planning team including staff, community, students and families, concluded the three-day Strategic Planning Session. Creating a pathway to greatness and beyond was the focus of the three-day intense discussion.   The group started by identifying the internal and external strengths and challenges of PLCS.  Next, they wrote belief statements that would move PLCS forward and rewrote the District mission statement.  Click here to view the Mission & Beliefs. The group then identified specific strategies for the district to prioritize as well as ideas for actions needed to accomplish the strategies.