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    Thursday, May 5, 2016 - 7:00pm Patriot Elementary – Media Center


    President:                                       Jacqie Hegarty                      jmapenguin@gmail.com

    Vice-President:                               Tracey Patras                        traceypatras77@gmail.com

    Treasurer:                                       Travis Cobb                           travis_m_cobb@yahoo.com

    Secretary:                                       Christy Huss                          cphuss@cox.net                  

    Member-at-large:                            Elizabeth Williams                  eugenio_williams@hotmail.com       


    Call to Order                          Meeting called to order by Jacqie Hegarty at 7:03 pm.

    Minutes                                 PTO General Meeting minutes from March 1, 2016 – Christy Huss are on the table for review. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Paul Huss and 2nd by Tara Arch. Motion approved unanimously.


    Officer Reports                          

    President                          Jacqie Hegarty

    Learning Community levy changes go into effect in 2017. Summer skate cards for Skate City going home in this Friday’s folders. Great year, done a lot of good things for the school.


    Vice President                             Tracey Patras

    Committee Chairs if you have red folders, please turn them in so they can be passed along to the next committee chair. If you are staying in the role, please retain the folder for use next year.

    Treasurer                         Travis Cobb

    Copies of the proposed budgets on the tables as well as expense reporting. In a good place at this time and to handle expected expenses.


    Secretary                          Christy Huss

    Continue to send in newsletter articles.


    Member-at-Large               Elizabeth Williams

    No report.


    Principal Reports               Principal                           Dr. Anne Harley

    Patriot has wrapped up NESA testing and we won’t find out the test scores until August. We are proud of everyone for helping students prepare for testing. Staff present at tonight’s meeting are Danielle Inserra and Melissa Nelson. Thank you to the Board for working as a team this past year. Thank you to everyone for the support of Patriot this year and the impact is remarkable. The Patriot Staff would like to thank everyone for an amazing Staff Appreciate Week and for supporting their wish list. Anabelle Karens got lots of publicity and met with Director of Buildings and Grounds and it has sparked ideas of from many students with plans of actions.



    Assistant Principal              Rachael Stephenson

    No report.


    Unfinished Business           


    2016-2017 Committee Chairpersons

    The committees that need chairman to step upbefore the next school year begins include the Fall Fundraiser & Family Fun Night committees. Additionally, if the budget passes a Boosterthon chair will be necessary as well.

    2016-2017 Budget

    The proposed budget is on the table for review. Motion approved by Don Hand and seconded by Monica Herd. Motion approved unanimously as received.


    Now that the vote has been made, we will send in the down payment and the contract will be in place. Boosterthon is scheduled for April 28-May 5th, 2017. Will be looking for a chairperson.

    Proposed By-Law change

    With regards to the scholarship committee. One school does it the same as Patriot and the other six do it completely different. We propose to add the Assistant Principal to the committee and this will be under the Executive Board to have a Standing Committee and no By-Law changes are required.


    New Business                   

    Recognition of Committee Chairpersons

    Thank you to the 2015-2016 committee chairs, please accept the appreciate gift as thank you for your hard work and dedication. .

    • PTO Board Positions


    The following offices are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Member-at-Large

    • Jacqie Hegarty - President
    • Heather Hochstetler - Vice President
    • Tallie Colvin – Treasurer
    • Jennifer McDowell - Secretary
    • Nicholle Reisdorff - Member at Large

    Paul Huss made a motion to approve the slate by acclamation. Don Hand seconded the motion and the motion was approved unanimously.


    Committee Reports           

    Cooks Night Out                Clinton Russell

    May 18th at Culvers from 4-8 pm – 20% of the proceeds will go back. We made $300 from Runza.

    Family Fun Night              Don Hand

    No report.

    Landscaping                    Dan Benson / Joey Benson  

    No report.

    Monthly Snacks               Jen Doorlag

    One more monthly snack will take place next week.

    Popcorn Day                     Jennifer McDowell

    One more next Friday. Enjoyed the extra popcorn events! We received a 2nd popper.

    Pride Parents                    Monica Herd

    No report

    Redemption                      Melinda Ahrens       

    Receipt collections are finished. Patriot is currently 1st at Shadow Lake, updates will be made when results are announced. Please turned in all Campbell Soup and Pepperidge Farm by end of the year as changes are being changed in the program. We will be researching new programs to participate. Mrs. Collins enjoyed the yummy ice cream from Culvers. Feel free to turn in Boxtops as you wish.

    Staff Appreciation              Tina Peterson         

    No report

    Wellness                           Lori Thomas           

    Great job with the Cook Off. The finalists included brownies, chocolate mousse and a smoothie all made with avacados.                          

    Yearbook                            Kim Erickson / Rachel McCann

    Yearbooks are in and will be delivered to students soon.



    Skate Night – Skate City is May 13th from 5PM – 7PM.

    Field Days is May 25th & Last Day of school is the 26th with an early release.


    Drawing for Papio Bay Pass             

    Sixteen people have turned in their cards for 5 meetings. Papio Bay Pass 2016 went to Amy Parrish. Texas Roadhouse gift certificate to Lynn Brehm, Mama’s Pizza gift card to Jen McDowell, and Jimmy Johns gift card to Tara Arch. Thank you notes and pens were given out as door prizes.


    Other Announcements

    Jen McDowell attended the tour of the district through the Discovery Tour and it was amazing to hear how special Patriot Elementary is and was interesting to tour the Junior High and High Schools and to see the add-ons.



    A motion to adjourn was made by Monica Herd and seconded by Don Hand, and approved unanimously.


    Patriot Elementary Website: www.paplv.org                  PTO Email: patriotpto@paplv.org