Learning Community Overview

  • Change is Coming for the Learning Community  Teacher reading to her class

    On Wednesday, April 13 the Nebraska Lawmakers approve LB1067 which makes major changes in the Learning Community. PLCS has been working for changes in the Learning Community law since it was first introduced in 2007.  Today is a day of Victory! Collectively PLCS has lost $5.2 million in revenue due to the LC common levy.  This current year alone the loss was $1.3 million. It is finally time for a change!

    LB 1067

    • Eliminates the common levy
    • Removes school board members from the
      LC coordinating council and adjusts the
      governance of the LC
    • Converts open enrollment back to option
    • Addresses community achievement issues

    The information in this section highlights facts about the Learning Community (LC) law as it currently stands and the concerns about the LC law from the Papillion La Vista Community Schools (PLCS).  

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