• Who should attend the Law, Public Safety and Security Academy? 
    Do you have an interest in the legal system or protecting the safety of others?  Are you thinking about a future career in criminal justice? Then this academy is for you! 

    What is the Law, Public Safety and Security Academy?
    The Law, Public Safety and Security Academy is located at Metropolitan Community College Sarpy Campus. Students will learn many aspects of law enforcement.

    What is a typical day?
    Students will have an introductory course in criminal justice and law enforcement.  This program provides practical knowledge of the criminal justice system, examines crime & society’s response and corrections.  Students will be exposed to the multitude of career opportunities and assist in making appropriate career choices.

    • Introduction to criminal Justice
    • Human Resources
    • Police and Society
    • Business Law
    • Courts and Judicial System
    • Community-Based Corrections

    Location: Metropolitan Community College Sarpy Center
    Schedule:  7:45 a.m. to 9:35 a.m.
    Prerequisites: None
    Transportation: Students must provide their own transportation.
    Credit Options: High school elective credit and college credit through Metropolitan Community College
    Cost:  Cost of college credit
    Grades: Juniors & Seniors only

    How to Apply
    To apply for a PLCS academy program, students must complete an online application.  For more information, click here.

    How can you learn more?
    For more information please contact:
    Guidance counselor at your high school
    Contact the Academy Programs Office at 402-537-6217

    *Note: Images showing students and staff without masks and social distancing pre-date COVID-19.