​Health Systems Academy

  • Who should attend the Health Systems Academy? Two health academy students work together on a lesson on bones in the classroom
    Do you like the medical fields? Do you have an interest in being a nurse, a doctor, a scientist or working in any of the other hundreds of occupations in the health care industry? Then this academy is for you!

    What is the Health Systems Academy?
    The Health Systems Academy is a half day program. Six certified teachers (math, science, language arts, social studies and two teaching nurses) are located at CHI Health Midlands Hospital. Students attending this academy earn 5 credits a semester towards high school graduation.  The Health Systems Academy offers AP classes in Language Arts and Social Studies. Students who wish to participate in other AP or elective courses not offered at the Heath Systems Academy can take them at their home high school.

    What is a typical day?
    Through this academy, students are able to explore all aspects of the health care industry. 

    During Year I, students take core courses designed around a health care theme, while earning their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license.

    During Year II, students continue their core curriculum along with clinical rotations. During rotations, students work side-by-side with health care professionals, while getting hands-on work in areas like the research labs, occupational therapy, diagnostics, physical therapy, surgery, X-ray, general patient care and more. 

    Location: CHI Health Midlands Hospital
    Transportation: Students must provide their own transportation.
    Prerequisites: On track for graduation, successful completion of biology and physical science.
    Credit Options: High school credit, MCC credit, Certified Nursing Assistant License and Professional Rescuer CPR
    Cost: $50 uniform fee, MCC tuition (if applicable)
    Grades: Juniors & Seniors only

    How to Apply
    To apply for a PLCS academy program, students must complete an online application.  Applications for the 2019-2020 school year will be available starting in the afternoon on November 7 and will close at midnight on November 14.

    How can you learn more?
    For more information please contact:
    Guidance counselor at your high school
    Contact the Academy Programs Office at 402-537-6217

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