Free Meals for ALL PLCS Students


    Free meals will be available to all PLCS students starting on Monday, September 21st, through a USDA Federal Program. This includes lunch and breakfast (if breakfast is offered at your child's school). These Free meals will be offered through the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

    How do I apply for the free meals?
    No paperwork or registration is necessary for this new program. If you have an elementary child, they just need to be included in the morning lunch count for the day at school.

    When will the FREE meals start?
    FREE meals will be available for all PLCS students starting on Monday, September 21st.

    How long with the FREE meals last?
    The FREE meals are available through a USDA Federal Program that is scheduled to last until the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

    What does the FREE meal include?
    FREE breakfast includes breakfast grains, fruit and milk. Free Breakfast is available in schools that offer breakfast.

    FREE lunch meals include an entree, fruit, vegetable and milk. It does not include a la carte items. Middle School and High School students that choose any extras other than the regular provided school lunch will still have to pay.

    What is NOT included in the FREE meal?
    A la carte Milk. If a student gets only a milk or an extra milk with their meal, their account will still be charged for the a la carte item.

    Middle School & High School
    All a la carte items are not included in the FREE meal. A la carte items include: entree only, second portions, side only, bottled water or other drinks, chips and other snacks.

    What do parents need to do for students to receive the FREE meals?
    No application is needed to receive a Free meal. High School parents need to ensure that their child is purchasing a minimum of 3 meal components (such as an entree plus fruit or vegetable) to qualify as a free meal.

    Will the menu change?
    No. The menus will stay the same. Click here to view the menus.

    What happens to the money in my student's lunch account?
    Money that is currently in your student's lunch account will stay there and can be used for a la carte purchases. It will also be used once the free meal program has been ended by USDA.

    Should I still apply for Free and Reduced Meals for my family?
    Yes. If you believe that your family is eligible for free and reduced meals, please apply today. Qualifying for free or reduced meals also provides your child with many additional benefits like school fees to be waived. Click here to apply for free and reduced meals.