Dance Team

  • Mission Statement
    The Papillion La Vista Dance Team is an organization committed to excellence. The Papillion La Vista Dance Team provides a haven for its members to express themselves through the art of dance as well as an outlet for camaraderie, socialization and leadership. Each individual on the team is recognized for her unique talents, abilities and interests. Although members of the dance team come from a variety of backgrounds, the PLHS Pom Squad is united in striving for common goals; achieving academic excellence, promoting school spirit, and serving as positive community role models. The pom squad participates in community service activities to contribute to the betterment of society while promoting values that encourage leadership and excellence in adolescents, while sharing members’ talents.

    The primary purpose of the dancer is to be a member of the team, which has as its goal the support of athletics and PLHS. That support is directed into participating in dance routines which keep the crowd’s attention/direction focused on the field/court, to entertain, and to ultimately create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement at sporting events.

    Learning Community: Questions about option enroll students trying-out? Contact the coaches or Athletic Director Jason Ryan.


    Head Coach: Lisa Martin
    Asst. Coach:  Olivia Lee