Screening Tool FAQ

  • Q: What if I lost my household ID? 
    A: You can get a new household ID by inputting your demographic information. We will then try to merge your two accounts.

    Q: Where do I find my household ID?
    A: Your assigned household ID will show on the screen after filling out the demographic information in the questionnaire. Save it if you are going to be using different devices to fill out the screening.

    Q: Is there a way to tell if my response is going through?
    A: If you get an action step screen saying whether your student can or cannot go to school, then the screening questions for that day are going through.

    Q: Can I do the screening on more than one phone?
    A: Yes, you just need to input your household ID to bypass the demographic information. If you do not know your household ID a new one will be assigned to you after you reenter the demographic data. 

    Q: What happens if we forget to use the screening tool?
    A: The screening tool is a guide to help parents know whether they should send their child to school. Our goal is that parents complete this for their household every day. 

    Q: Is using the screening tool mandatory?
    A: The screening tool is highly encouraged. It is intended to be a resource for staff and parents to help guide when you should keep your child home and when it is ok to send your child to school. 

    Q: Where does the information from the screening tool go?
    A: The screening information is used by Children’s Hospital to track general trends in the community.  The demographic information including names is for PLCS so we know who is completing the screening tool. 

    Q: What if the screener tells me that my student can’t go to school, but I know their symptoms are due to allergies or a known condition?
    A: When filling out the screening tool about symptoms it is important to note NEW & UNEXPECTED.  You know your child best.  If your child wakes up congested every day this time of year due to allergies, that is not NEW & UNEXPECTED.  

    Q: What if the screener tells me that my student can’t go to school, because a parent is being tested but the parent took the test because it is required for his or her job or just because? 
    A: If a household member is waiting for test results because someone in the house was exposed or is symptomatic, we want the child to stay home until the results are received.  If another household member is waiting for results and he or she took the test only because of a job responsibility or just because the child can attend school.  If you have questions, please contact your school nurse.