High School Bond Project FAQ

  • Question & Answers about the PLHS & PLSHS 2018 Bond Projects

    The Q & A below is designed to provide factual information about the Papillion La Vista High School and Papillion La Vista South High School renovations and additions that were included in 2018 bond issue.  If you have additional questions you would like answered, please email Communications@PLCSchools.org.

    What was included for each high school in the bond proposal that was voted on by the public?
    The plan for each high school was very similar.  The differences between the two projects were due to the current layouts of each school.  Renovations and additions approved for both schools include:

    • Additional classrooms including 9thgrade wing
    • Expansion of cafeteria
    • Testing Center and flexible learning space added for fine arts and other classroom activities
    • Additional PE classroom space
    • Additional classroom area for STEM and the trades
    • Improve safety and security by adding controlled access entryway

    At PLHS, the front entrance is also being relocated to the north side and the tennis courts are being moved to a new area. At PLSHS, the front parking lot is being resurfaced and redesigned and the track was resurfaced.

    Are the projects approved by the voters in the bond issue being completed as proposed at each high school?
    Yes.  The projects are being completed exactly as they were proposed in the bond issue and voted on by the community.

    How do we know what was proposed was also completed?
    Below are three building maps with the plans for each high school outlined.  These maps were pulled directly from the PowerPoints used during the engagement phase of the bond issue, during the bond issue informational campaign and the final are the plans approved by the Board of Education.

    engagement process informational campaign Board Approval

    Did the bond issue include money for a 3rd high school to be built?
    The bond issue included money for land to be purchased for a 3rd high school. That land has been purchased as planned.  There are currently no specific plans to build a third high school, that would have to be included in another bond issue.

    How much money was spent from the bond issue on each high school?
    The bids approved by the Board of Education for construction at PLHS include:

    • $21,721,000 for the major renovation and additions
    • $911,000 for the new tennis courts
      Total Project Cost for PLHS = $22,632,000

    The bids approved by the Board of Education for construction at PLSHS include:

    • $18,875,000 for the major renovation and additions
    • $141,066 for the track resurfacing
    • $2,216,650 for the parking lot renovation
      Total Project Cost for PLSHS = $21,232,716

    *Note: Construction is not complete at either school.  Additional projects may be bid as the construction projects continue. These number are accurate as of June 10, 2020.

    Did all Board members know about the PE classroom at PLSHS?
    Yes. No construction can begin without Board approval.  The below video link shows the architect explaining the PE classroom at Papillion La Vista South High School in detail. He specifically reviews the dimensions of the room to the Board at a Board meeting prior to their approval.  Board records indicate all Board members were present at that meeting.  Click here to watch the video.

    Or watch it here:

    Are the PE classrooms at the two high schools exactly the same?
    No.  Due to the design and layout of each school, the plans for their renovations were modified to meet the needs of that specific high school. For example, Monarchs have had a space that used to be a stage that they use for PE type of activities, South has not ever had that space.  When these projects were determined for this bond issue it was decided that Titans because of their layout would have one large space.  Monarchs would get an additional PE classroom space to go along with the space they already had.  Because the two schools have different layouts, different renovations were planned. The goal was always to keep the projects equal but not necessarily the exact same because they had different needs. That was always the plan and that plan was shown that way in all bond issue materials.

    Why was the space at PLSHS designed the way it was?
    During the initial discussion phase before a bond proposal was ever developed, it was determined that PLSHS needed a space for ROTC. Currently there are two major program difference between the two high schools. South has NJROTC and Monarch has Broadcasting.  Monarch has a designated space for broadcasting.  South does not have an adequate space for NJROTC.  The plan with the bond issue was to design the PE classroom space at PLSHS to serve the needs of the NJROTC.  The space requirements for NJROTC were to use approximately 6500-7000 sq ft for NJROTC for drills, etc.  This same space could be used by dance, cheer and flags to practice. The remaining portion of the space was set aside as an additional area for weights to expand PE curriculum offerings in weightlifting.

    Did the bond issue pay for the equipment in the Titan PE Classroom?
    No. The bond issue included flooring but the equipment and money to upgrade the flooring was raised through private funds.

    Does PLCS allow schools to do private funding?
    Yes.  Booster clubs and PTOs raise money to provide extras for their school all of the time. Monarch Booster raised approximately $150,000 to upgrade their weight room in the Winter of 2018. The Titans waited until the construction of their new PE classroom was underway to begin their fundraising to upgrade their weight room and PE classroom.

    Have the projects approved by voters in the bond issue changed?
    No.  The Board of Education is committed to completing the projects that voters approved in the bond issue.  The PLCS website continues to update the projects as they are approved for construction by the Board.  If you have any questions about what projects are under construction or what projects were approved, email Communications@PLCSchools.org.

    Who approved the construction of the PE Classrooms at each high school?
    The first level of approval came from the voters who voted by a nearly 70% majority to approve $109.9 million bond issue.  The PE Classrooms were always included as a part of the bond proposal. The next level of approval came from the Board of Education at the time the bids were awarded.  Projects first go through the buildings and grounds subcommittee of the Board and then go to the full Board for approval.  Prior to the Board voting, the Architect reviews the plans in detail with the full board and answers any questions.  The proposal is put out for bids and those bids are brought back to the Board for final approval.  No construction can begin until the Board approves the bids and awards a contract.