Questions & Answers

  • The questions asked during the meeting were recorded along with the answers, that information is below.

    • What happens with current siblings of 5th grade grandfathers?
      • The current proposal is to grandfather the 5th grade students only.  All siblings of 5th graders are not included in the current proposal.  Expanding grandfathering is one of the suggestions we have received through the input process.
    • Why Glenwood Hills vs. Titan Springs or other developments that are further away?
      • Numerous options were considered as the boundary proposal was developed. It was decided that Glenwood Hills was the best option to consider because it was both the neighborhood school and a long-term solution.
      • Neither of these goals are met if we were to move Titan Springs. The neighborhood school for Titan Springs would be Rumsey Station.  Moving them to Rumsey Station would change their middle school and high school which adds a whole new set of challenges for families. If you move them to Walnut Creek, which is not their neighborhood school, they would likely be moved again if a new elementary is built to the east.
    • What happens in 5 years when Walnut Creek is larger, and Bell is down? Will Glenwood Hills get moved again?
      • The focus of the current proposal is to look long range and where the growth is coming from and which schools will be impacted.  The decision to move Glenwood Hills to Walnut Creek was proposed because it is targeted as a long-term decision. 
    • How did you decide the 5th grade grandfathering?
      • Historically, the District has grandfathered 5th grade students during a move so we are not changing a child’s school their last year in the building.  This is just a proposal and other options may be considered.
    • We are/are not in walking distance. What is the logic behind bussing vs. not bussing?
      • The District guideline for bussing at middle school and high school is that students must live over 4 miles to receive bussing.  This is the current state law. At the elementary level the Board has made a decision to bus elementary students that have to cross a major road or have no safe walking path.  The decision to provide bussing from Glenwood Hills to Walnut Creek was made because students had to cross 84th street.
    • What resources will be available to families to help the students with the transition?
      • The transition for students during a boundary change is very important.  There is not a set plan currently because the proposal has not been finalized.  Once the proposal is finalized, a transition plan will be developed.  Historically, that transition plan may include visits and tours of schools, assigning mentors and an opportunity for parents to get involved in the school.
      • If you have a student with special needs, such as HAL, SPED, or EL, we would work with students and families to answer any questions related to services to assure a smooth transition to the new building.
    • How long has the proposal been worked on?
      • Managing growth is something that occurs on a regular basis.  The District and the Board are continually looking at growth projects and monitoring enrollment numbers at every school and in every classroom.  Over time, schools that are declining in enrollment and schools that are reaching their capacity are monitored.  The current proposal is one that has been studied for several months prior to a proposal being developed.
    • Is there a chance the proposal will be changed?
      • The purpose of the feedback session is to collect input and suggestions from parents and then evaluate if there is a better or different proposal.   The Board would not go through the effort of holding feedback sessions if they were not interested in considering other options.  Once all of the feedback is collected and reviewed, a decision will be made about the next step.
    • If it is changed, will we see the new proposal before going to the BOE?
      • The Board of Education will openly discuss the feedback and next steps at the meeting on October 28.  At that meeting, they will also determine the next steps. 
    • Any proposals for new elementary schools in the area?
      • There is a new elementary school projected to be open in the Fall of 2020 near 120th and Schram Road. Any additional elementary schools will require the passing of a bond issue.
    • What are the numbers of students in other developments that could be moved instead of Glenwood Hills?
      • The number of students not in the immediate area around Bell are listed below.
        • Glenwood Hills – 53
        • Highland Estates – 3
        • Titan Springs – 44
        • Titan Springs Apt – 9
        • Monarch Place - 56 
    • How would classroom sizes differ?
      • The District uses the same guidelines for class sizes throughout the District so this move would not directly impact class size. The current district average class size is 21.
      • Walnut Creek’s current enrollment is around 330, significantly less than Bell’s enrollment of 520.
    • Requesting statistics about all the students who attend Bell, how many don’t live in boundaries (bused in) – is that number greater than Glenwood Hills? Feels Glenwood Hills is an easy target because they are sitting in-between two district buildings. More information would sit well with everyone.
      • The breakdown of students attending Bell by neighborhood are listed below

    CURRENT ENROLLMENT - 10-02-2019

    Count of ChildID
    Sub-Division Name

    School Name
    Bell Elementary









































    • Where in proximity is Titan Springs neighborhood compared to Glenwood Hills?
      • Titan Springs is located on 66th and Highway 370.
    • Is what we say about our beliefs when it comes to diversity matching what we are doing with this plan?
      • Yes, the focus of this plan was to meet the overall goals of neighborhood schools, balancing enrollment, relief to overcrowded schools, and a long-term solution.
    • Have we taken a look at the tax base and revenue piece when making this decision?
      • No, the focus of this proposal was to meet the overall goals of neighborhood schools, balancing enrollment, relief to overcrowded schools, and a long-term solution.
    • How do you propose 53 kids move into a neighborhood that hasn’t even started? Where are you getting your documentation about exactly how many will move into the different school versus how many will move in?
      • PLCS used an outside facility planner to develop a long-range growth projection for the school district.  We know that approximately .6 students come from every home built in the school district some homes have more, some have less but on an average .6 is the number.  We then work directly with developers and city planners to know how many homes are being built in each neighborhood. Prior to being platted, we know approximately how many homes are to be built on each acre and then once a development is platted, we know exactly how many homes there will be. This formula is used to project the number of elementary, middle school, and high school students we get from each new development.  This formula has served the District well and has proven over the past 10+ years to be very accurate.
    • Where do we send FOIA requests about information we want regarding the district proposed changes?
      • Tell us what you need, and we will get it for you.  There is no need to do a formal FIOA request, but if you would like to, you can email to or mail to 420 S. Washington St. Papillion, NE 68046.
    • Is this the only meeting we will have? When will we hear answers about our concerns?
      • The Board of Education will look at all of the data that has been collected and discuss the next steps at the meeting on October 28 at 6:00 pm in the Central Office. 
    • Why us when other kids are being bused in?
      • Glenwood Hills was selected because it helped the District best meet its overall goals of neighborhood schools, balancing enrollment, relief to overcrowded schools, and long-term solution. Moving the areas currently bussed to Bell to Walnut Creek does not meet the overall goal.
    • Do home values and socio-economic statuses play a role in this decision?
      • We do not look at home values when making a boundary decision, however we do look at socio-economic status (SES) and it does play a role in decision making.  We want all schools to have some SES balance. However, at the elementary level with neighborhood schools balancing SES is more of challenge, but if there is a way to feasibly keep SES balance in a high-income school, we try to prioritize that. 
    • Can current students be grandfathered in and stay and then their siblings can come through, as our families move out and then everyone else would go to Walnut Creek?
      • All options and feedback are being considered.  The Board will discuss options for the proposal at the meeting on October 28 at 6:00 pm in the central office.