Information Technology

  • Who should attend the College Jump Start Information Technology? Two high school students working on computers.
    Do you have a desire to explore or immerse yourself within the information technology career field in computer programming?  Do you want a portion of your college paid for at a significantly reduced rate while still in high school?  Then this program is for you!

    What is the College Jump Start Information Technology program?
    The College Jump Start Information Technology progam gives students with an interest in a computer programming career the opportunity to gain college level training while still in high school.  Students will take classes at MCC and receive both high school and college credit.

    Computer programming is a two-year pathway that exposes students to a variety of computer programming languages and other related skills.

    What is a typical day?
    During Year I, students will take Intro to Information Technology, Intro to Computer Programming, Java Programming I & II, Web Page Creation and Internet Scripting (Java Script).

    During Year II, students will take Intro to Database Design, Mobile Application Development, Structured Query Language, Visual Basic I & II and C++ Programming I.

    Location: Metro Community College Sarpy Center
    Schedule: Daily Monday -Thursday - Afternoon session (periods 5-7)
    Prerequisites: None
    Transportation: It is provided in the afternoon from the students home high school.
    Credit Options: High school elective credit and transferable college credits
    Cost: College Jump Start program students benefit from a 50% discount on college tuition.
    Grades: Sophomores through Seniors

    How to Apply
    To apply for a PLCS academy program, students must complete an online application. For more information click here.

    How can you learn more?
    For more information please contact:
    Guidance counselor at your high school
    Contact the Academy Programs Office at 402-537-6217