La Vista Middle School Suggested Supply List 2022-2023

    • 3 ring binder(for organization of all classes): Optional
    • 6 2-pocket folders
    • Supply of loose leaf paper
    • 1-3 spiral notebooks (needed throughout the year)
    • 2 brown paper bags for book covers
      • booksocks/stretchy covers are not recommended
    • Supply of #2 pencils
    • Blue or black ink pens
    • 1 red pen for checking
    • Pencil pouch
    • Highlighter
    • Package of markers
    • Package of colored pencils
    • PE clothes including tennis shoes appropriate for gym surface.
    • Reading book-Teachers expect you to have a book to read at all times.
    • Earbuds
    • Backpack

    Individual teams or teachers may recommend other useful supplies.

    *Backpacks with wheels DO NOT fit in our lockers. Please do not plan to use one.