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Bond Squad News: Update on PLSHS Titans

New signs at bond constructions sites

Land purchased for a possible 3rd high school

Anderson Grove Elementary Construction Update

Bond Squad looks into the updates to Anderson Grove

Bids awarded to PLSHS bond issue project

PLCS Foundation Field Visitor's Parking Lot

Update on the PLSHS Bond Issue Project

  • Below you will find a series of very short videos about the bond issue. Each video covers a specific portion of the bond issue.

Improving Safety and Security by Establishing a Line of Sight

Serving a Growing Student Population: Take a look at the growth expected throughout the District

Serving a Growing Student Population by Expanding Both High Schools

Enhancing Greatness by Expanding Classroom Space for Skill & Technical Trades and STEM

The PLCS Bond is in Your Hands, Vote May 15th or Request an Early Ballot

Bond Squad is working for you!

PLCS District track resurfacing project update

New PLCS Elementary School

PLCS District stadium track resurfacing project

G. Stanley Hall Elementary School Bond Squad Update

Virtual Reality tour of Anderson Grove Elementary

Anderson Grove Elementary Bid Opening

The Bond Squad Has Arrived!

PLCS Bond: Improve Safety & Security, Serve a Growing Student Population & Enhance Greatness

Improving Safety and Security by Closing ALL Remaining Open Classrooms

Serving a Growing Student Population by Building a New Elementary School

Serving a Growing Student Population by Expanding Liberty Middle School

Enhancing Greatness by Improving Technology Infrastructure Throughout the Entire District