Growth Creates Need for a Bond Issue

  • Historical Enrollment
    Chart showing the enrollment for the past 10 years.  This chart shows that enrollment continues to increase

    District Map with Growth Projections
    Detailed map of the boundaries in PLCS and also drawn on the map is blocks of future growth through the next 20 years
    *Note: Growth projections are made based on land use and current planned developments.

    Red: Land already platted & immediate developments underway (0-5 Years)
    Orange: Planned developments but not currently platted (5-10 Years)
    Yellow: Unplanned development that is zoned residential or uncertain of timeline (10-20 Years)
    Green: Land not currently in PLCS but is part of the boundary agreement between PLCS and Springfield Platteview.  This land will potentially move into PLCS as it is developed.

    Map Conclusions
    Within the next 5 years:
         +200 middle school students at Liberty only
         +960 elementary students
         +558 high school students