Report Cards Now Accessible Online!

  • Report cards for all Papillion La Vista Community Schools are online. Report cards can be accessed on both the PLCS District App and the Parent Portal, instructions for logging in can be found below. The goal of digitally providing report cars is to give all families easy access to their student’s grades.

    To get started:

    • You need your username and password.
    • For parents, this is the same username and password as you used at the beginning of the year to log in to online verification.
    • For students, the username is your school email, the password is what you set it as at the beginning of the year.  The same password you use to log into Office 365. 
    • Parents, if you forgot your username and password you can click here to have your username and/or password sent to you.
    • Each parent, that has an email in the system has his or her own login. This was changed at the beginning of the year.
    • Parents will only need one login to access the information for all children within the same family.

    Two options to view your students online report card!

    1. Access Report Card via the PLCS District App
      Your child’s report card will now appear in the District app under “additional information”.  You will need to have the app downloaded and be logged in to “App Login/Grades.”  See below for details about downloading and logging in to the PLCS App.
    2. Access Report Card via the PLCS Parent Portal  The parent portal is the web based version of online grades for parents to access via the school Web page or by clicking: PLCS Parent Portal. You will be asked for a username & password. Once you are logged in you can see your child’s information including report cards.

    Download the District App for Information about Your Child!
    The PLCS App is a fantastic way for parents and students to stay better connected to daily and weekly happenings within the District. It also empowers families to tap into the digital resources already available at their fingertips.

    Downloading the District App
    If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, here’s how!

    1. Open the app store for your phone (App Store, Google Play, etc.)
    2. Search for Papillion La Vista
    3. Look for this icon PLCS parent app icon.  This has the Papillion La Vista Logo in a grey square with PLC Schools listed below the square and click it
    4. Click install and begin download!

    Need help logging into the App?
    To see your child’s report card, you must be logged into the “App Login/Grades” section on the app.
    Once the app is downloaded, “tap” on the student info section on the second page. Parents will be asked to enter a username and password. Parents will only need one login and password to access the information for all of their children. This is the same username and password parents use to access the online Parent Portal.  If you have forgotten your username and password you can reset it by clicking here.  However, remember if you reset your password it can take as long as 24 hours before the new username or password can be used by the app.  

    Students Logging In
    To log in to the PLCS app as a student, you will need to selec the "PLCS Account" button on the sign in page.  This is the same username and password you use to log into your PLCS account and My Apps.

How to log into the app to see report cards using the App Login/Grades icon
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    I don’t remember my username or my password!
    If you do not remember your username or password, you must access the Parent Portal by clicking here. Then click on “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Username” the new information will be sent to your email address associated with the account.

    Why is my username different than the one I previously used?
    Previously, there was only one parent account for each household.  If both parents lived in the same household, they shared one account.  That account was tied to either the mother or father.   PLCS has now established parent accounts for all parents tied to the child, up to 2 accounts per household. The original account is still in place. An additional account for a parent living in the same home has been created with the username tied to that parent’s email. If a parent does not have an email on file an account will not be created for them. IF the child has 2 households, they could have as many as 4 parent accounts, (mom & stepdad, dad & stepmom).  

    I reset my password but I still can’t log in to the app?
    If you reset your password, it can take as long as 24 hours for the new password to push to the app. After 24 hours the same password and username will work for both the app and the parent portal/ online grades.

    I have the app downloaded but I don’t see my children?
    If you do not see your children, you probably have not logged in to the app.  Look for the “App Login/Grades” icon, click on that, and then log in.  If you need help finding this you can click here for screen shots. If you have forgotten your password you need to click here.  It will take up to 24 hours for your password to sync to the app. After 24 hours you can log in to the app.

    Email OR for technical questions, please email or you can call 402-537-6299.