Hurricanes Team Newsletter
  • MARCH 4-8, 2019

    Hello Hurricane Parents, 

    Below is what is happening in our classes this week.  Please remember the most accurate information will be in your students planner.

    • English: Next week students will complete their final assessment over the class novel “A Mango-Shaped Space” and take their Unit 4 CSA. Friday we will create “blackout poetry” related to themes in the class novel. 
    • Math 8: Monday we will wrap up the Laws of Exponents and then move into Scientific Notation.  We finish the unit after spring break. 
    • Algebra:  The Unit 7 Data Test is scheduled for Monday.  The Midterm will take place on Wednesday and Thursday and will include all topics covered between January and present day. (Angles, Exponents, & Data) 
    • Social Studies: The Unit 4 CSA will be taken on Tuesday. It will be over chapters 8, 9, and 10. I am planning a mini project for the rest of the week after the test.  
    • Science:  Cartoon Project due Tuesday, 2.3 - Newton’s Laws Project due Tuesday, and CSA on Thursday over Forces. 


    *  Students are asked to turn in their Mango Shaped Space Book to the library this week.

    (more announcements are attached below)

    *  If your student would like to earn a free homework assignment in Science OR English, they can bring in a box of Kleenex's for our team.  Thank you!!

    Jodi Vieyra








       Emily Shapland


    Begin “A Mango-Shaped Space” final assessment 

    Finish MSS final assessment 

    CSA #4 


    CSA #4 



    “A Mango-Shaped Space” themed blackout poetry 

    MATH 8
        Ann Otto

    10.4: Zero and Negative exponents (continued) 

    HWK: Bp432 5-16, 20-27, 37-39 

    On loose-leaf 


    Section 10.5: Reading Scientific Notation 

    Bp437 Activity #3 & 4 in NB  

    HWK: Journal p222 1-12 




    Section 10.5: Reading Scientific Notation (day 2)  

    Puzzler Warm-Up 

     HWK: Bp440 6-26 evens in NB 


    Section 10.6: Writing Scientific Notation 

    Journal p223-224 

    HWK: Jp226 1-10 


    Exponent Puzzles 

    HWK: none 


       Ann Otto


    Unit 7 Data Test 

    HWK: Midterm Review, complete all optional Data redo items 




    Review for Midterm & Discuss Data Test 

    HWK: study! 


    HWK: Keep Studying 



    HWK: none 





    Discuss Midterm 

    Games and Puzzles 

    HWK: none 



       Stefan Becker


    Review Day for the CSA 

    Unit 4 CSA (Chapters 8, 9, and 10)  



    Mini Project 




    Mini Project 






    Finish Mini Project 


       Jodi Vieyra

    Cartoon Workday

     2.3 - Newton's Laws Quiz

    Cartoon Project due at end of class period




     CSA - Forces Review/Study Guide

    CSA - Forces

    Make up CSA day