Lancers Team Newsletter
  • MARCH 4-8, 2019

    Hello Lancer families!

    Next week is the final week of the quarter. Please talk with your student about turning in all assignments and studying for any tests or quizzes. 

    Here is our overview for next week's homework. If there are changes to the calendar it should be noted in your student's planner and we will include in on our Twitter page (

    For specific questions regarding individual classes, you will find in our weekly calendar each teacher's name and email address. 

    Topics this week & Important upcoming dates: 

    • ELA-Silver (Hauge): CSA test Tues-Wed.
    • ELA-Gold (Alexander): Finish CSA essay and grammar test.
    • Science (Zurcher): Chapter 3 Quiz: Monday, March 4th. CSA test: Thursday, March 7th.  Click HERE to study Quizlet for the quiz and CSA.
    • Social Studies (Heavican): Chapter 10 Quiz on Wednesday, March 6. Start 11.1 Discussion (Roman Expansion).
    • Math 7 (Schoonveld): Unit 10 test Thurs-Fri.
    • Advanced Math (Schoonveld): Unit 11 quiz Friday
    • Algebra (Loch): Monday-Tuesday: Midterm test. Begin Ch. 7







    ELA (Silver)
      Landon Hauge  


    HW: Study for CSA


    CSA test

     No HW 

    CSA test

    No HW


    Outsiders movie

    No HW


    Outsiders movie

    No HW

    MATH 7
     Kathie Schoonveld 

     Review 10.5 & 10.6 for quiz tomorrow

                  HW: p.439 1-14

     HW: complete review guide (due tomorrow), complete all checkpoint redoes (due tomorrow), complete all quiz retakes (due tomorrow)

       HW: Complete all checkpoint redoes (due today), complete all quiz retakes (due today); study for Unit 10 test


    Unit 10 test (part 1)

                  HW: continue to study for Unit 10 test part 2


    Unit 10 test (part 2)

                   No HW

     Kathie Schoonveld


    Coordinate plane review

                  HW: coordinate plane worksheets



    11.1 Congruent figures & 11.2 Translations

                  HW: workbook pages 248 & 252


    11.3 Reflections & 11.4 Rotations

      HW: workbook pages 256 & 260


    review 11.1-11.4 for quiz tomorrow

                  HW: p. 493 1-10



    Unit 11, Quiz 1

                  HW: complete checkpoint redoes

      Andrew Loch


    No HW


    No HW

    Section 7.1 

    HW: Pages 362-363: #’s 5 – 20, 23 - 4

     Section 7.2

    HW: Journal Pages 209-213

     Section 7.2

    HW: Page 369: #’s 3 – 24, 31, 32, 35 - 40

      Chelsea Heavican

    DUE: Punic Wars Wkst.

    HW: Ch. 10 Quiz SG 

    Chapter 10 Review for Quiz on Wed. 

    Chapter 10 Quiz 

    Start 11.1 Discussion

    HW: 11.1 Wkst. 

    Roman Republic Video

      Emily Zurcher 


    Quiz today; review for CSA

     No HW

     Review for CSA

    HW: Study for CSA test Thursday

    Review for CSA

    HW: Study for CSA tomorrow

    Qt 3 CSA

    No HW

    Finish Qt 3 CSA

    No HW

    ELA (Gold)
      Peg Alexander

     HW: Finish CSA Essay

     HW: Present CSA Essay  HW: Review grammar for test Fri.  HW: Review grammar for test 


    No HW

    Long Term Substitute for Learning Center Teacher: Ms. Ronan:

    Learning Center Teacher: Amy Odson