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    About Nebraska Mental Health provides centralized access to local and regional mental health information in a single location.  The goal of Nebraska Mental Health is to expand knowledge about mental health terminology and to help connect those in need with the mental health information, treatment, and services.  With new resources added continually, this isn’t just about finding a mental health provider.  It is about feeling informed and empowered.

    Below you will find links to resources found throughout the Nebraska Mental Health website.

     Basic Mental Health Information

    What is Mental Health?
    Visit this website for definitions and explaniations on different types of mental health terms.

    What are Mental Health Evaluations?
    Visit this website for explanations on the different evaluations that are used in mental health.

    What are Mental Health Treatment Models?
    Visit this website for different types of treatment options in mental health and what they mean.

    Local Provider Information

    Click here to visit the website to search for a local provider.

    Resources for Basic Needs

    Click here to visit the website to search for resources to help with meeting basic needs, such as transportation, food pantries and utility assistance.