Learning Community Concerns and Solutions

  • What is the PLSD’s position on the Learning Community?dr seuss day
    Since the initial legislation regarding the LC was first proposed, the PLC Schools has been involved and at the table with fellow school districts, the LC coordinating council, the governor and legislators. The District has consistently voiced concerns over the common levy, the governance structure, and the loss of local control over finances and boundaries.

    What are the PLSD concerns about the Learning Community?


    Concern = Open Enrollment

    • Moving students around metro area is very expensive
    • State spent $4 million in 2013-14 alone
    • PLCS pays $40 a day approximately $7,000 a year per student
    • Doesn’t improve student achievement or diversity

    Solution = Return to Option Enrollment

    • Statewide system 2009-10
            - 6% of enrollment from option
    • 2015-16
            - 6% of enrollment is open
    • Still provides choice for parents without excessive transportation costs!


    Concern = Common Levy

    • 2015-16 PLC Schools lost $1.3 million
    • Nearly $.03 cent on tax rate
    • Total lost $5.2 million
    • All Sarpy County school districts lost revenue in 2015-16

    Who Benefits from Common Levy?

    • Historically winners have been
       - Millard
      - Westside
    • OPS and Ralston gained last couple of years
    • Additional revenue is not going to highest poverty school districts
    • PLC Schools, Bellevue, Springfield Platteview all have higher poverty rates than Millard

    Solution  = Eliminate Common Levy


    Concern = Finances

    Financial Burden on Taxpayers

    • Over $1 million annual appropriation for LC operations
    • $4 million transportation funding to move students around metro area in 2013-14
    • This is costing ALL Nebraska taxpayers more!

    Concern=Limits Economic Growth

    • LC froze boundaries for all 11 school districts
    • Since LC fewer than 100 homes built south of 370 compared 3000 north of 370
    • Growth for the city of Papillion has been impeded by the frozen boundaries 

    Solution = Make Changes to the Learning Community


    Concern = Governance

    • LC adds another layer of governance
    • PLC Schools nor Sarpy County are guaranteed voting members on LC  Council

    Solution =Restructure Governance


    It’s time for a change!

    • Eliminate the Learning Community
    • Eliminate Common Levy
    • Eliminate Open Enrollment – return to Option Enrollment
    • Restructure LC Governance
    • Keep promising LC programs.
    • Superintendents’ Early Childhood Plan
    • GOALS – Truancy Prevention Program
    • Elementary Learning Centers