4th Grade Multiplication

  • Breaking Apart Factors Strategy for Multiplication

    This video explains how you can break apart factors to solve multiplication problems. It also shows how you can round one factor to multiply an easier equation, and then subtracting the difference to solve. 
    Break Apart Multiplication for Single Digits

    This video shows students how to break a number in the hundreds into each place value to make it easier to multiply.

    Box (Array) Method for Multiplication

    This video goes through step by step how to use the array strategy to solve 2 digit times 2 digit problems. This strategy allows students to break up each number by place value making it easier to multiply.


    This video is a great one for showing how to multiply 1-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers.

    Doubling and Halving 


    ​Teaching Multiplication and Division - Teacher Explanation (from TERC website)

    Can I Show My Child My Way? - from TERC website