2nd Grade Numbers

  • Making Math Fun Place Value Game

    Explain addition by decomposing numbers
    In this lesson, you will learn how to explain addition by breaking apart numbers.

    Make 10 card game

    This video shows families a game that is easy to play at home! Using playing cards (A-10) children find pairs that equal 10. They can also add more than two cards to equal a sum of 10. This game reinforces the 2nd grade strategy of “Making a 10” – this strategy helps students solve more difficult equations too.


    Mental Math - Breaking Numbers Apart

    A student demonstrates the “Break it Up” strategy using tens frames. He begins with the problem 7 + 5, he is able to show how he breaks up the five in order to make a ten, which makes the problem easier to solve.'

    Open Number Line

    Teacher explaining the open number line strategy to add 47 + 38 = ___. She decomposes 38 into 10+10+10+3+5 to find the sum of 85.

    Number Jumper Math Game

    How to play: Get the frog to the other side by calculating the jumps he has to make.