2nd Grade Addition

  • Adding Ones and Tens

    Addition by Counting On

    2 Digit Addition with a Hundreds Chart

    A 2nd grade student explains two digit addition, solving 22 +50, using a hundreds chart. He also explains what happens when you navigate up, down, left, and right around the chart.


    Add Within 20 by Regrouping on a Ten Frame

    Students will understand how to add numbers within 20 by using a tens frame and how this helps them compute numbers quickly and accurately. This will also help them create numbers that add on from 10.

    Adding by Using a Hundreds Chart

    This video demonstrates two-digit addition using a hundreds chart. The core lesson involves keeping one number whole and decomposing a second. It also shows how using landmark numbers helps add more efficiently. The commutative property of addition is also explained in this demonstration.

    Adding Using Ten Frames

    Students learn to place counters on a tens frame to complete a group of ten and then add the remaining number.


     Doubles and Near Doubles

    “When adding near double and one is 1 more, add the two doubles and then 1 more! When they are apart by two, here is what you need to do. Add the two doubles and then 2 more!”

    Doubles Plus 1 and Doubles Minus 1 Strategies

    A student solves 5 + 6 by using the strategy doubles plus 1 and then models with a picture. She uses doubles minus 1 to solve 5 + 6 another way.