ACT Scores

  • ACT is a national high school exam.  Prior to 2017, the ACT was voluntary and taken only by those who wanted it for college entrance.  In 2017 the Nebraska Department of Education decided the ACT test would be required for all 11th grade students and replace the former NeSA test. Even though many high school juniors have not completed the courses necessary to be successful on the ACT, offering the test for free for all juniors has the potential of opening many doors for students who may not have taken the test otherwise. Below you will see the results from the juniors and the results from the seniors.

Bar Graph - ACT Composite Scores - Graduating Class.  PLCS is 21.0, State is 20.1, National is 20.8
ACT Composite Scores - All Juniores - PLCS - 20.9 and State - 19.4