Preschool Information

  • Papillion La Vista Community Schools (PLCS) preschool programming focuses on quality early learning and developing children’s communication, social, self-help, motor and problem-solving skills. The preschool population is made up of children with a disability (in accordance with NDE Rule 51), children who are at-risk, and children who are typically developing. All children who are not receiving special education services must complete an application and screening process to participate. The classroom staff consists of a certified early childhood teacher and paraprofessionals. Based on the needs of the child, related services (e.g. speech/language therapy) may be provided in the classroom as outlined by their IFSP/IEP.


    • Believes quality early childhood experiences nurture the continuing growth of children’s knowledge and understanding of themselves and their world.
    • Recognizes that children and families are individuals, and that every child and family is unique.
    • Believes children develop skills at their own rate and that the process by which children discover and learn is critically important.
    • Believes in building a community of support by partnering with local childcares, preschool providers, and community organizations to strengthen and enhance services available to children and families in our community.
    • Is committed to supporting families with young children who live in our community.

    PLCS Preschool Program

    Children in the PLCS preschool program will actively engage in learning centered on a critical understanding found within 6 units of instruction. Detailed information on the learning can be found by clicking here.

    In addition to these understandings, children will participate in critical math and number concept learnig through daily Every Day in Pre-K Math activites. Every Day in Pre-K: Math offers preschoolers an engaging introduction to math. Based on the philosophy that learning takes place over time, Every Day in Pre-K: Math helps children construct an understanding of math through continual exposure to key concepts using manipulatives, visual models, and the language of math.

    Every Day in Pre-K: Math

    • emphasizes a thorough understanding of small numbers;
    • develops math in the context of daily games and discussions;
    • focuses on observational skills that involve making predictions, looking for patterns, and seeing similarities and differences in things;
    • helps preschoolers communicate about mathematics with confidence;
    • provides practice with sentence and story concepts.

    Children will learn appropriate social skills through direct instruction, peer-mediation practice opportunities, and adult staff will faciliate and nurture these social skills through daily opportunities for play and social interaction among preschool children. PLSD provides opportunities to strengthen fine motor skills and facilitate handwriting development through Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. This curriculum helps to make handwriting fun for all students while teaching them proper technique.

    For more information, on Handwriting Withtout Tears, click here.

    For more information, contact the PLCS Early Childhood Center.  Click here for contact information.