Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want my child to attend a Papillion La Vista Community Schools (PLCS) preschool. What are the criteria to attend preschool?
    There are three ways a child can be considered for a slot in a district preschool:

    • If the child qualifies for special education and their IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) team determines they need to be placed in a PLCS preschool.
    • If the child is “at-risk” due to certain factors (e.g. low birth weight, low socio-economic status, family speaks English as a second language, significantly premature birth) and they are 4 years old on or before July 31.
    • If the child would be a good model for language, social/behavioral, self-help or motor skills for the other children in the preschool classroom and they are 4 years old on or before July 31.

    My child meets one of the three criteria…what do I need to do next?

    • Children on an IEP/IFSP will work with their educational team through the process
    • All other children/families will need to complete the following steps:
      • Attend a screening (call the Early Childhood Center after January 1st at 402-514-3243 to schedule an appointment)
      • Submit a completed application packet (these forms are provided at the time the appointment is confirmed or at the screening)
      • If your child is selected, you will need to submit their birth certificate, immunization record and a current physical (these forms are required)—Children will NOT be assigned a preschool location until all required documents are provided

    If you need assistance with gathering these documents, district staff will be happy to help

    How old does my child need to be in order to attend a District Preschool?
    We invite your 4 year old child to go through the developmental screening process (currently, children must be 4 years old on or before July 31 to participate in the screening). If you have concerns about the development of your child, they may be referred to the early childhood team at any time REGARDLESS OF THEIR DATE OF BIRTH. Children with special needs may attend PLC Schools at the discretion of the IEP/IFSP team, regardless of their age.

    Your child's age MUST be verified by their birth certificate. Children who are 5 years old on or before July 31, are not eligibe to attend PLCS preschool.

    I completed the screening process and my child meets the criteria for a preschool slot. What happens next?
    ALL eligible applicants (as determined by the completion of the steps above) will have an EQUAL opportunity to be selected. Preschool/at-risk positions will be randomly selected from the pool of eligible applicants.

    Families who participate in the March screening will be notified by mail of selections no later than May 1st.

    I live outside of the PLCS boundary but would like to apply under the Learning Community.
    At this time, Omaha Metro Districts are not accepting applications for preschool-age children to attend school-sponsored programs outside of their attendance boundaries. Proof of residency in the PLCS attendance area is required for consideration.

    Who can I call if I have general questions about early childhood opportunities in the Papillion La Vista Community Schools?
    Click here for contact information for the PLCS Early Childhood Center.
    Or: The building Principal at your local elementary school