• Q. What are Metropolitan Community College Academies?
    A. Metropolitan Community College (MCC) Career Academies are designed to provide high school juniors and seniors with opportunities to explore various career fields and get a jump start on their post-secondary education.

    Q. Where are they located?
    A. Metropolitan Community College Academies are located at the various MCC campuses throughout the metropolitan area.   

    Q. Who will be teaching?
    A. MCC Academy classes are taught by certified MCC teachers.

    Q. Will I earn high school and college credit?
    A. Yes. Students enrolled in MCC Academies benefit from earning college credit while also earning the credits needed to graduate high school.

    Q. How much do they cost?
    A. MCC Academy students benefit from a 50% discount on college tuition. For current tuition rates, please visit  www.mccneb.edu/Prospective-Students/Tuition-Financial-Assistance/Tuition.aspx

    Q. When do the academies meet?
    A. Most academies meet between from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.  Specific program information can be found by calling the PLCS Academy Programs office at 402-537-6217.

    Q. Is transportation provided to the MCC Academies?
    A. No. Students are responsible for transportation to and from their MCC Academy.

    Q. Who should apply?
    A. Students interested in getting a jump-start on their college education and who demonstrate an interest in any of the career fields that provide a career academy.

    Q. How do I apply?
    A. Interested students can apply for an MCC Career Academy by submitting their name through an online application at https://bit.ly/PLCSAcademyApp.  Interested students will receive an email in late November with the MCC online application.