• Parent Volunteer Information

    Thank you for volunteering to contribute to an outstanding educational learning experience for our students. We will select parent assistants as needed for cabins and activities. We ask that you take this responsibility seriously and be a positive model for the students at all times, as well as an extra set of helpful hands and eyes to maximize student learning.

    If you are not a volunteer, it is just like a school day: "visits‟ to camp are to be approved like visits to school. Students and staff lose valuable learning opportunities with distractions.

    For your information and as a clarification, there are some additional points of importance. There is to be NO food or candy in the cabins at any time. Students receive an additional snack in their schedule and during the evening activities. Snacks in the cabins are an enticement for the forest critters to join you in the cabin - and they will do so. There is a fine if we are found to have food or candy in the cabins.

    For the general safety of our students, "horseplay" such as running, jumping, screaming, spitting, pushing, etc. is not allowed. After lights out, the students need to be in bed and voices off. There is to be no roaming outside the cabin unless a student needs to go to the health office at the lodge, in which case you should send the high school volunteer with the student or take them yourself.

    All cell phones should be turned off, and only used in case of an emergency. No cameras (including cell phone cameras) are allowed. Respect for all facilities and grounds means any graffiti and vandalism (including the improper use of toilet paper) is not allowed. Any damage costs of replacement and/or repair will be the responsibility of that school; this includes the malicious discharge of the fire extinguisher. It is your responsibility as the parent volunteer to help us enforce these rules and keep our students safe.

    If you are a smoker the campsite is a school site and the smoke-free environment prevails. If you feel the need to smoke, your vehicle or the parking lot is the only acceptable location and only when you are not needed for student supervision.

    Thank you again for your contribution to this program.

    Parent Volunteer Forms

    Overnight cabin responsibilities end with joining us for breakfast.