• Nurse Information

    If your child needs to have medication administered during camp, parents will need to fill out the Medication Form. Click on the link to print out the forms. 

    Medication Forms

    Information for those students who will be taking medication at camp is as follows:

    1. Medication will be given at the lodge site. Medications will be stored in the health office. The students may carry their inhalers on the trails but he/she must report to the health office that the inhaler was used while out on the trail.

    2. Forms are available at the schools to be filled out and signed by the parent and/or physician. We do not need a physician’s signature on the med form. The medicine must be brought to camp in the original container that is labeled with the student’s name, name of drug, dosage, and physician’s name and date the prescription was filled.

    3. The parent must provide all medication and any special equipment needed, such as a nebulizer, tubing, mouth piece or mask, etc.

    4. If your student has a medication permit on file at school, and you wish to send that medicine to camp, please fill out a new medication permit instructing the health office to take the medicine from school and include the additional times the medication is to be given. Since we will be staying overnight, we need to know the times and dosages of all medicines that would normally be given at home and need to be given during the outdoor ed experience.

    5. Send the medication permits back to school at least 3 days ahead of going to camp, so the health office has time to review the medications and get further information if needed. Send the medications in the original container and put all medications in a zip lock baggie labeled with the student’s name. Do Not pack them in with the clothing. Instruct the student to give all medications to the health office upon arriving at school. The medication will be given back to the student, when the bus gets back to school on the 2nd day. It is the students’ responsibility to pick up their medications at school. School medications will remain at school.

    Feel free to call your health office if you need further information or help with anything.