Changing a Child's School or District - Student Transfer Procedure

  • For various reasons families occasionally want their child to attend a different school or school district from the attendance area in which they currently live.  If you are one of these families, Papillion La Vista Community Schools (PLCS) offers several options.  PLCS believes parents should have a choice to attend a school that best meets the educational needs of their child.  The District accommodates this parental choice based on available space at a school and classroom.

    Who can transfer? - Two Opportunities to Transfer
    Students can apply to attend any school of their choice based on two categories:

    • Internal Transfer students live within the PLCS and want to attend another school building in PLCS. Internal transfers are a priority for PLCS and are taken care of prior to allowing anyone transferring from outside the school district. The deadline to apply is February 1.
    • Enrollment Option students live outside of PLCS and want to attend PLCS or another school district in the state. The deadline to apply is March 15.

    Note: Transportation for all approved applications is the responsibility of the parents.

    Are there any automatic approvals for internal transfers?
    Yes. Students are automatically approved if they meet one of the following categories.  However, students must still complete the application by February 1 for the first time they are requesting a move.  Paperwork is not needed again, after the initial application is approved.  

    • BTE – Boundary Transition Exception - The Board of Education makes a boundary change and identifies a group of students as the “exception” to the change.
    • Pathway – if students are on a pathway to a middle school or high school based on the elementary school they attended.
    • Siblingcurrently have a sibling attending the school.
    • Continuous Enrollment – started at a school and then moved, but you have at least the equivalent of a semester of attendance at that school. For schools that are designated as “closed” schools, continuous enrollment applies only to the current school year.

    If the transfer is not automatically approved, how is it decided who will be allowed to transfer?
    At the elementary and middle school level, capacity limits are set annually for each school building and each classroom and may be adjusted each year for growth. Schools fall into 3 categories:

    • Open - If capacity is not reached at that grade level, students are allowed to transfer into the school/grade level.
    • At Capacity – no NEW transfers will be approved. Currently, La Vista Middle School and Papillion Middle School are at capacity. However Liberty Middle School is open.
    • Closed – no one will be allowed to transfer into the school and if you move out of the attendance area you will be allowed to complete the current school year only. Currently the closed schools include Ashbury, Bell, Portal and Prairie Queen Elementary.

    At the high school level, both schools are at capacity and in an effort to manage the growth and keep lower class sizes, transfers are approved on an equal basis only.  For example, if 5 Titans request to be Monarchs and 3 Monarchs request to be Titans, then 3 are approved each way.  Who is approved, is determined by a random drawing of everyone who had their application completed by February 1.  These are for internal requests only. No new outside requests are allowed at the high school level. 

    Who is allowed to transfer into PLCS from outside of the district?
    Enrollment Option applications are only approved after all internal requests are filled and IF space is still available.  No one from outside the school district is allowed to transfer into the school district at any of the closed elementary schools, the middle schools or the high schools.

    How is it decided who can transfer out of PLCS?
    PLCS allows anyone to transfer out of the District.

    What is the timeline to apply for a transfer for the next school year?

    Internal Transfers
    The deadline for each school year is February 1st of the year prior.  If your paperwork is completed on time, your application will be considered.

    Enrollment Option
    The deadline for each school year is March 15th of the year prior. Applications submitted after that date will not be considered.

    How do I apply?
    To apply, the correct form must be completed and submitted by the above deadline. Forms are found to the right or are available at the PLCS office, located at 420 S. Washington Street., Papillion, Nebraska. If you have questions, feel free to contact the Student Services Department at 402-537-6214 or email

    • Internal Transfer Form (Application for Special Attendance Permit) is for students living within PLCS and want to attend another school building in PLCS.
    • Enrollment Option Form is for students living outside of PLCS and want to attend PLCS or another school district in the state. 
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