Academy Q & A

  • Q. Who can apply?
    A. Academies are designed to enhance the career exploration of high school students. Most academies target juniors and seniors, however some are available for freshmen and sophomores. Students apply for academies in the fall prior to the year they will participate. 

    Q.  Where will my classes be located?
    A.  Some academies are located at the high schools, while others are in area businesses or college campuses. 

    Q. What is the time commitment?
    A. It varies by academy. Some programs are half day, others are before school, after school or during the school day. 

    Q. Is transportation provided?
    A. Transportation is available to some academy programs.

    Q. What type of credit do I earn?
    A. All academy students can earn high school credit. College credit and specialized certifications for particular career areas are also available.

    Q. Where is college credit from? Is it transferable?
    A. Most college credits are through Metropolitan Community College (MCC).  However, UNO also provides credit for some academies. In most cases, these credits will transfer to another 2-year college or 4-year University.  Check with your school guidance counselor for specifics.

    Q. Are there scholarships available?
    A. Absolutely! Ask your school guidance counselor for a scholarship application. 

    You can also contact the Academy Programs Office at 402-537-6217.

    Q. If I participate in an academy, can I participate in extracurricular activities at my high school? 
    A. Yes.  Students that participate in academies remain connected to their high school and can participate in extracurricular activities.  The academy is meant to be an enhancement of the high school experience, not a replacement. 

    Q. Who are the academy teachers?
    A. PLCS certified teachers teach at the academies. In many of the academy programs, PLCS partners with a professional from the career area who will assist with the instruction.

    Q. How do I apply?
    A. To apply for a PLCS academy, students must complete an online application which can be found at  

    Q. How can I learn more about the academies PLCS offers?
    A. For more information, contact your school guidance counselor, call the Academy Programs Office at 402-537-6217, or visit

    Q. Can I tour the facility?
    A. Yes. Tours are available for certain academies at the beginning of the registration period.  For more information, contact your school guidance counselor.