Medical Conditions Requiring Health Plans

  • An emergency medical action plan is a written outline of directions, provided by your doctor regarding such medical disorders as diabetes, asthma, or any number of life-endangering allergies that will help direct school staff, including the School Nurse and Health Paraprofessional in their care for your child at school. These action plans allow school staff to take a pro-active approach to your child’s health condition that will help to prevent emergency situations. While it is not always possible, or feasible for school staff to follow every detailed procedure included in such action plans, efforts will be made to clearly communicate with you how the plan will be implemented/followed at school. If your child has a serious medical condition, we encourage you to obtain an emergency medical action plan from your physician, and to provide a copy to the School Nurse to be placed in your child’s cumulative file and/or health file in the nurse’s office. Below are the forms needed for medical conditions requiring health plans. Each of the below medical conditions require physician/parent completed plans to be updated annually or as the condition warrants. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your child's school nurse.

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