• 21st Century Skills for Success

    The ultimate goal of education in the Papillion-La Vista School District (PLSD) is to prepare every student for a smooth transition into next phase of life after high school. That next step after high school may look different for each student. Some students may choose to attend postsecondary education in a four-year college, a two-year college, or a technical or trade school. Others may choose to go directly into the workforce or enter the military. Whichever choice a student makes, it is the commitment of the PLSD to prepare each student for that transition. To accomplish this, the PLSD identified the ten essential skills all students need to be successful throughout life. These skills, titled the 21st Century Skills for Success, are embedded in the curriculum for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. By graduation, students should have fully mastered the ten 21st Century Skills for Success which help them make the transition into the next phase of their lives.

    Knowledgeable individuals understand content necessary to be successful in a variety of endeavors.
    They are students who:

    • Understand and apply essential content in all academic areas.
    • Use efficient learning techniques to acquire, connect, and apply new knowledge and skills.
    • Recognize knowledge and skill requirements necessary to transition to the next stage of life.
    Information processors access and analyze information from a variety of sources for different purposes.
    They are students who:
    • Effectively use a variety of information-gathering techniques and information resources.
    • Accurately assess the value and biases of information, and effectively interpret and synthesize the information.
    • Search for innovative and creative ways to improve the efficiency of existing processes and improvement of products.
    Effective communicators apply their reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills to communicate effectively.
    They are students who:
    • Convey and respond to thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in a socially appropriate way for different audiences and purposes.
    • Understand the verbal and nonverbal communications of themselves and others.
    • Creatively express their thinking in a clear, concise manner using a variety of media and modes.
    Critical thinkers and problem solvers assess the situation, gather important information and develop relevant, effective alternatives to reach a solution or decision.
    They are students who:
    • Are open to a wide range of input and opinions related to the problem or issue and entertain multiple possibilities for its solution.
    • Predict future actions by analyzing data from past events or practices.
    • Draw upon their unique insights, talents and backgrounds to offer new perspectives, innovative solutions and influential ideas that lead to positive outcomes.
    Self-directed learners take the initiative to actively and independently inquire and apply learning to new and different situations.
    They are students who:
    • Develop habits that will enable them to learn independently and seek what they want and need to know at any point in their lives. 
    • Demonstrate independence in their learning by setting goals and making plans to achieve those goals.
    • Seek opportunities to take risks and pursue new learning ventures in order to find enjoyable ways to express and develop talents.
    Collaborative individuals value teamwork and the results achieved from multiple viewpoints and talents working together toward a common purpose.
    They are students who:
    • Respect individual differences and multiple perspectives.
    • Understand and process the input and feedback from others to accomplish the desired outcome.
    • Know that their success is dependent on the ability to establish and maintain positive, productive relationships with others.
    Active, responsible citizens are well-informed and apply knowledge and skills to improve the quality of their lives and communities.
    They are students who:
    • Value the community in which they live and work and are committed to civic responsibilities and services.
    • Interact positively with a wide variety of people with different backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs.
    • Understand that they live in a global market place and that cultural diversity and international interdependence are part of the basics of today’s society and economy.
    Quality producers create products and performances that reflect high standards.
    They are students who:
    • Know the accepted criteria for the product or process they are creating and make sure the product or process meets or exceeds those criteria.
    • Strive for quality results through continual, thoughtful evaluation of their product or performance. 
    • Are receptive to the input and feedback from others to improve the outcome.
    Personally and professionally responsible individuals take responsibility for their own physical, intellectual, emotional, and social well-being.
    They are students who:
    • Understand the importance of a healthy life style by practicing behaviors that emphasize personal, physical and emotional health and safety.
    • Demonstrate high standards both personally and professionally through honesty, fairness, and personal initiative.
    • Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and qualities necessary to make future personal, career, and social decisions in response to a changing world and workplace.
    Individual leaders have a strong sense of vision, have passion and are able to inspire commitment.
    They are students who:

    • Excel in the art of communication and motivation, demonstrate mutual respect, instill confidence and enthusiasm, and show credibility and integrity on a consistent basis.
    • Take the necessary action to see that vision become a reality.
    • Capitalize on personal strengths, talents, education, and experiences to bring value to the setting and the community through their performance, skill, diligence, ethics, and responsible behavior.